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We are their antennae for emerging risks and opportunities around the world, and the analysts they rely on to distill actionable meaning from oceans of data. Guy Carpenter’s Business Intelligence unit develops the best research in our sector. From bases in London, Singapore and New York, the team maintains tireless scrutiny of global markets, the companies that inhabit them, and the governments that influence them.

Much of their work is client-proprietary. This is a sampling of recent work that we can share more broadly.

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Partnerships: The Way to Public Sector Risk Financing

This report examines the shifting economic and risk landscapes that are driving public sector entities to consider new approaches to risk financing. According to the report, approximately 73 percent, or $2.7 trillion, of natural catastrophe losses globally between 1970 and 2014 were uninsured. Heads of government, international trade organizations and private-sector risk bearers are seeking to re-examine roles and responsibilities through which societies can better manage these complicated risks. As governments across the globe examine new methods to manage and transfer this risk to the private sector, there are many developments underway to support this changing paradigm.

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Cyber Risk Handbook

The report provides insight and perspective on the challenges stemming from cyber risk, as well as ideas on how to approach cyber risk assessment and management. The compendium includes articles, report extracts, and perspectives from business leaders across Marsh & McLennan Companies as well as outside experts with whom we collaborate. It examines the full spectrum of cyber risk from a macro to a micro level and includes such topics as evolving cyber regulation, the value of sharing threat information, the role of the board, developments in insurance markets, cyber security talent challenges, and implementing effective response plans.

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This briefing provides insights into the ongoing threat of wildfires in the United States as well as risk mitigation strategies and portfolio modeling for this peril. The wildfire threat in the summer of 2015 was amplified by a strong ridge of high pressure that created very hot and dry conditions in the western United States. To support clients during a wildfire event, Guy Carpenter provides continuous updates to GC AdvantagePoint® with remote sensing-detected hot spots and actual wildfire perimeters provided directly from the USGS.

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Risk and Opportunity in the Year of ORSA: Annual Statistical Review

The report focuses robust analytics on risk and performance in the U.S. property/casualty insurance industry. There are 1,076 companies and company groups, comprising approximately 96 percent of the industry, included in the creation of the statistics. Research is presented for Underwriting Performance and Volatility, Reserve Development Risk, Uncertain Liability Duration, Correlation Concerns, Expense Benchmarking and Financial Management and Strategy.

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A Clearer View of Emerging Risks

In this year’s report, “A Clearer View of Emerging Risks,” our goal is to assess the challenges facing the (re)insurance industry in modeling and quantifying the most pressing technological risks that society may face. Whether they are high-profile cyber attacks that could stretch across several industries or a nation’s power grid to the global phenomenon of longer life spans that are having a major impact on pension funds and annuity writers, these risks require the industry to ask different questions in order to formulate effective models that will provide a more robust view into how these risks could develop over time.

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Regulation: A World View

This report provides an assessment of the development of solvency and other regulatory initiatives, including changes to capital requirements that are impacting (re)insurers. Today most (re)insurers are asking how can they cope with myriad developments in regulatory, legislative and ratings requirements to maximize opportunities and maintain profitable growth.

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Catastrophe Bond Update: Second Quarter 2015

Despite strong activity in the second quarter of 2015, aggregate volume was lower than the previous two second quarters on record. For the second quarter of 2015, aggregate volume dropped to USD 2.453 billion, as compared with USD 3.303 billion in the second quarter of 2013 and USD 4.492 billion in the second quarter of 2014. That said, the investor base continued to embrace new sponsors and perils despite the emergence of a pricing floor, as demonstrated by the second quarter new issuances. The investor base also supported significant growth in private catastrophe bonds, as issuances rose to their highest levels ever. In total, nine such deals came to market in the second quarter, representing USD 556.32 million of risk capital and outpacing growth in the 144A catastrophe bond market.

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The (Re)insurance Landscape
Mid-Year (Re)insurance Report - July 2015

In addition to providing a brief recap of July 2015 renewal activity, the report assesses key industry trends, including a detailed assessment of mergers and acquisitions activity and highlights other notable themes such as cyber security risk, increased regulation and public-private partnerships.

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Poised for Growth
Guy Carpenter's Ninth Specialty Insurance Program Issuing Carrier Survey, 2014

The survey, which analyzes trends and benchmarks across the Program Administrator and Managing General Agency (PA/MGA) market, asserts that the PA/MGA market continues to thrive, with a positive outlook and growth opportunities expected for the year ahead. The respondents to Guy Carpenter’s poll represented an even mix of traditional insurance companies that have specialty program operations as well as true, specialty insurance carriers.

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Introducing GC ReBID

Victoria Jenkins, Managing Director and Head of Technical Innovation for Guy Carpenter's EMEA region, introduces GC ReBID, a real time electronic auction placement platform.


Launching the MicroInsurance Venture Incubator

Joan Lamm-Tennant, Global Chief Economist and Risk Strategist, and CEO of the MicroInsurance Venture Incubator, speaks on this initiative created by a consortium of leading insurance companies.


Global Risks 2015: Are You Prepared?

In its tenth edition, Global Risks identifies significant emerging threats and why we must work together to resolve them.

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Hurricane Seasons That Changed the Insurance Industry

Ten-Year Retrospective of the 2004 and 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Seasons