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Every insurance company needs a strong panel of reinsurers that are able to pay claims quickly and effectively in the event of a major loss. Insurance companies rely on reinsurance to manage risk and ultimately remain solvent when major catastrophes occur ‑ especially in a year with many such events. While reinsurers are rated by certain agencies, the rating may not always provide the full picture.

Our Market Intelligence team delivers comprehensive research and insightful analysis so you can make informed decisions about your reinsurance provider. At the industry level, we provide research, statistics, and analysis on the reinsurance sector.

Use our comprehensive intelligence and advisory services to build your company reliable reinsurance panels:

Reinsurance Security

We’ll advise you on reinsurance security analysis issues and assist you with the decision-making process for choosing reinsurers. We’ll conduct counterparty credit risk assessment on reinsurance markers and manage reinsurer credit risk within client-defined levels.

Financial Analysis

Gain comprehensive information on more than 500 reinsurance markets worldwide, including individual Lloyd’s syndicates. Our market profiles will give you quantitative analysis based on profitability, liquidity, leverage, reinsurance recoverables, loss reserves, and capitalization.

Qualitative Insight

Learn about reinsurers’ management experience, asset quality and diversity business models, capital structures, and loss reserve trends.

Claims Performance
Receive updates on the claims paying performance of reinsurers.


We’ll assist you with compliance on insurance regulations related to market information.

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Featured Content

Risk Benchmarks Research 2018

Guy Carpenter’s Risk Benchmarks Research is the most comprehensive research project in the industry, representing over thirty years of property/casualty statutory financial data from more than a thousand companies. This study helps our clients better understand reserve volatility, efficiently manage expenses, monitor pricing cycles and better segment the marketplace to grow profitably.


Terrorism: A Maturing Market Meets an Evolving and Expanding Peril

The nature of the terrorism threat facing society has changed considerably in the last 20 years. Governments and (re)insurers had structured their mitigation strategies and responses to deal with attacks that were large in scale. Recently, though, we have seen a spate of smaller, less sophisticated, yet no less appalling acts of terrorism across geographies that involve mass casualties and fear-inducing events. Guy Carpenter has developed this report on the terrorism (re)insurance market as demand from state terrorism pools and the private market grows for sophisticated modeling, additional capacity and an increasing array of terrorism protection-gap solutions.


2018 Terrorism Risk Insurance Report

Marsh’s 2018 Terrorism Risk Insurance Report, produced with support from Guy Carpenter, explores the state of the terrorism insurance marketplace, presenting data on purchasing and pricing trends. We also take a look at how the terrorism insurance market continues to innovate and respond to the needs of global organizations in light of an evolving risk landscape.

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MMC Cyber Risk Handbook 2019: Perspectives on Cyber Risk in the Digital Era

Cyber risk is a critical concern for business leaders. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Executive Opinion Survey of more than 12,500 executives, large cyber-attacks are ranked as the #1 risk for doing business virtually across all advanced economies. The 2019 edition of the MMC Cyber handbook includes our perspectives on major developments, specific industry implications and strategies to increase resilience.

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The Global Risks Report 2019

Global risks and cross-cutting challenges — economic, technological, environmental, societal, geopolitical — are intensifying, creating an increasingly complex environment for those in business, government and other sectors around the world. The 14th edition of the Global Risks Report, undertaken in partnership with Marsh & McLennan Companies, examines the evolving macro-level risk landscape and highlights major threats that may disrupt the world in 2019 and over the next decade. The most striking aspect of this year’s report is the level of concern about geopolitical issues. Is your company responding effectively to the risks it is facing? Find out more by reading the Global Risks Report 2019.

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