The Insurer TV: 1.1 Renewals and the 2021 outlook

Guy Carpenter Chairman David Priebe was interviewed by The Insurer TV on its flagship analysis program, alongside other experts in the industry, examining the recent 1/1 renewals and interpreting what the outcome means for the year ahead. The episode covers:

  • Review of the 1.1 renewal and mid-year pricing analysis
  • The size of Covid-19 as a reinsurance loss
  • The impact of new capital
  • The state of the ILS sector
  • The slow burning threat of casualty under-reserving
  • Outlook for 2021

Insurer TV Episode: 1/1 Renewals and 2021 Outlook

David Priebe, Chairman of Guy Carpenter, discusses 1/1 renewals and what they tell us about the 2021 outlook. He reviews 1/1 renewals, the impact of COVID-19, the effects of new capital and presents a view for 2021.

Insurer TV Segment: Review of 1/1 Renewals

Guy Carpenter Chairman David Priebe talks about where rates ended up and how this renewal set the stage for those to come.

Insurer TV Segment: Impact of COVID-19

David Priebe, Chairman of Guy Carpenter, discusses Covid-19 and the lessons the industry can learn about systemic risk.

Insurer TV Segment: Effects of New Capital

Guy Carpenter’s David Priebe explores the impact of new capital.

Insurer TV Segment: View of 2021

Guy Carpenter Chairman David Priebe explains that COVID-19 will continue to dominate in 2021 as losses emerge.

“Heightened volatility and prolonged uncertainty” to drive reinsurance demand in 2021 – Guy Carpenter’s David Priebe

Covid-19, climate change, cyber security and demographic changes are all contributing to heightened volatility across the risk landscape, which is driving prolonged periods of uncertainty and demand for reinsurance.

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