The innovation imperative and the age of InsurTech 

In an increasingly dynamic environment, companies are challenged to innovate. Competition can emerge from any quarter and disruptive technologies are lowering the barriers to entry. Developments in all facets of insurance technology are impacting industry participants across the entire risk-capital chain.

The rapidly evolving InsurTech landscape presents both challenges and opportunities for insurers and reinsurers. The companies that will make the successful transition from traditional models to highly networked digital models will have change oriented management, better technological intelligence, and better scientific and engineering networks. These companies will have the tools to evaluate the new technology, minimize deployment risk, and, as a result, make better investments in people, data analytics, and technology.

Guy Carpenter, committed to a forward-looking approach, is accelerating our delivery of innovative solutions to help clients capitalize on these industry trends, driving opportunities for profitable growth. We are focused on fostering knowledge around new digital capabilities that allow our clients to adapt, evolve and grow in new ways to meet the future of the industry head on.

Guy Carpenter has been listening to clients about their InsurTech challenges for years. We have worked with them on several different approaches and connected them to scientific and engineering resources to investigate, evaluate, and test solutions, providing more speed and flexibility for their agents and brokers, more information and control for their customers, and more data for their use.

Our connection with experts in every facet of the industry and with best-of-breed technology providers can help you supplement-or circumvent-traditional channels.

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