Strategic Advisory

Guy Carpenter's strategic advisory services—capital modeling, catastrophe modeling, portfolio management and rating agency advisory—all rely on a foundation of dedicated experts, cutting-edge tools and data insights that lead your business to smarter solutions.

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Capital Modeling: Industry-Leading Solutions

Guy Carpenter provides a complete range of economic capital modeling solutions tailored to your resources and preferences for customization and risk-based decision support. Our advanced modeling tools help you meet the ever-changing expectations of your stakeholders, from regulators and rating agencies to board members and policyholders.

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Catastrophe Modeling: Informed Is Empowered

Our analytics professionals provide critical measurement and insight in an industry where knowledge is a competitive advantage. Deeply specialized quantitative skills and sophisticated modeling ensure that you are best informed and best prepared to make franchise-changing risk and capital decisions.

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Portfolio Management: Short- and Long-term Solutions

Guy Carpenter offers a suite of tools for implementing your portfolio management and enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies. Our tools focus on both natural and man-made catastrophes, and we work with you to tailor the right short- and long-term solutions, managing your portfolio through data management, portfolio assessment and portfolio optimization.

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Rating Advisory: Time and Cost Savings

Guy Carpenter’s Rating Advisory team is highly experienced in helping you develop more effective presentations and approaches with your rating agencies, gaining better insights on the rating process to achieve optimal rating outcomes. Whether you are seeking a rating for the first time or have personnel dedicated to managing your rating agency relations, our team can provide unique insights and understanding of rating criteria and its application.

Powering Your Business With Insights

  • Segments

    Offering you specialized expertise that focuses market knowledge, product innovation and analytics on your unique challenges—to provide you with an enduring competitive advantage.
  • Risks

    Bringing together an unparalleled depth and breadth of capabilities and experience to turn your risks into profit and sustained growth.
  • Reinsurance Broking

    Tailoring your solutions to effectively and efficiently match the right capital with your evolving risk profile.