Strategic Advisory

Catastrophe Modeling

Guy Carpenter brings objectivity, expertise and analytics to the business of catastrophe modeling. We help you incorporate proprietary and third party models into your strategic decision making by providing deep, but accessible insight into your portfolio.

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Partner With a Catastrophe Modeling Pioneer

Guy Carpenter analytics professionals provide critical measurement and insight in an industry where knowledge is a competitive advantage. Deeply specialized quantitative skills and sophisticated modeling assure that our clients are the best informed and best prepared to make franchise-changing risk and capital decisions.

Where models are insufficient–or nonexistent–we have developed our own. Guy Carpenter has pioneered flood modeling in Europe, Latin America and Asia, including the first flood models for several Chinese cities.

Catastrophic Risks: Informed Is Empowered

  • Portfolio Management: GC AdvantagePoint

    A catastrophe and portfolio management solution, GC AdvantagePoint® generates a comprehensive view of all profitability components, helping you align day-to-day underwriting decisions with enterprise goals.
  • Peril Advisory

    Guy Carpenter provides global peril advisory solutions and services that support your portfolio risk management, improved risk selection, facilitates rate making and supports strategic growth.
  • Model Solutions: Model Suitability Analysis (MSA)

    Our MSA provides a standardized, global model evaluation for catastrophe models. The MSA enables you to understand how changes to exposure characteristics impact losses, how the model results compare to actual loss experience and how model assumptions compare to scientific data.
  • Terrorism Risk Model: Sunstone®

    Continuous changes to your portfolio—along with evolving threats and new attack methods—create a complex environment. Guy Carpenter's Global Terrorism Risk Model, Sunstone®, is continuously evolving to incorporate a broad spectrum of attack types and distributed threat modeling.
  • Mitigating Cyber Risks

    Monitoring and mitigating cyber risks has become mission critical. Guy Carpenter has a full suite of products and advisory solutions to help you navigate this challenging area.
  • Advanced Risk-Transfer Solutions: GC QuakeCube®

    GC QuakeCube® provides a platform that combines advances in seismic monitoring and operations research with market-leading access to capital. It minimizes basis risk by using advanced optimization algorithms developed with leading research institutions.

    A low data catastrophe model for Life and Personal Accident portfolios located anywhere in the world. The global coverage allows MERLIN to implicitly capture the benefits of geographical diversification allowing regional and global reinsurance programs to be evaluated effectively and costs allocated scientifically to individual cost centers.

Powering Your Business With Insights

  • Segments

    Offering you specialized expertise that focuses market knowledge, product innovation and analytics on your unique challenges—to provide you with an enduring competitive advantage.
  • Risks

    Bringing together an unparalleled depth and breadth of capabilities and experience to turn your risks into profit and sustained growth.
  • Reinsurance Broking

    Tailoring your solutions to effectively and efficiently match the right capital with your evolving risk profile.