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Guy Carpenter is more than 3,400 colleagues in over 60 offices from a world of cultures. No matter your background, identity or experience, all are welcome here.

Our People, In Their Words

  • Olivia Hobson's headshot

    Olivia Hobson, UK, Global Specialties

    "The insurance industry has faced some tough challenges in the past few years and I am proud to say it has risen to the occasion. As COVID has demonstrated, we are a resilient, adaptable and a socially responsible community."
  • Vishakha Narayan Chavan's headshot

    Vishakha Narayan Chavan, India, Global CSS

    "One of the major reasons why I chose reinsurance is because it is exciting, and I see enormous growth opportunities in this field."
  • Nigel Peart's headshot

    Nigel Peart, UK, International - EMEA

    "The combination of problem solving, statistical analysis, and the need to build and manage relationships led me to pick reinsurance broking as a career."
  • Sarah Voit's headshot

    Sarah Voit, US, Global Strategic Advisory

    "Since I began my career with Guy Carpenter 15 years ago, there has never been a shortage of information to learn. The professionals in the insurance industry include some of the brightest minds I have encountered."
  • Avril Oropeza Dorantes' headshot

    Avril Oropeza Dorantes, Mexico, Global CSS

    "The opportunity to collaborate with such a diverse team gives you the chance to explore more than one skill, be part of the continuous improvement of processes and create an impact in the way we work every day."
  • Koji Hiroi's headshot

    Koji Hiroi, Tokyo, Japan, International - APAC

    "Since joining the company, I have had the opportunity to work in our London office. This experience helped me to understand what it is actually like to be in the market and the value that we provide to our clients."
  • Thomas Boyet's headshot

    Thomas Boyet, France, International - EMEA

    "This position is exciting as it requires not only strong relational skills but also technical knowledge, which echoes my actuarial background."
  • Racell Payton's headshot

    Racell Payton, US, Global Strategic Advisory

    "Having different racial and ethnic groups represented in leadership positions illustrates to new and current colleagues the belief our company has in promoting talent, regardless of race or background."
  • Kelly Williams' headshot

    Kelly Williams, US, North America

    "Guy Carpenter’s culture fosters growth of young talent and is very team-oriented. Colleagues across the board are very invested in my growth, which has helped immensely in the first few years of my career."
  • Uriel Carvajal's headshot

    Uriel Carvajal, Mexico, Global CSS

    "I believe the acknowledgement of PRIDE celebrates how great we are in the diversity of all kinds of LGBTQ+ identities."
  • Silvia Fontes Santiago's headshot

    Silvia Fontes Santiago, Brazil, International - LAC

    "I strongly believe in the 'lead by example' model. I engage in discussion groups, trainings, events and committees for gender equality."
  • Jen Baldock's headshot

    Jen Baldock, US, North America

    "The ability to move abroad highlighted to me that career advancement at Guy Carpenter is real and attainable."

Creating More Women in Leadership

Women’s Resource Groups help to accelerate the path to leadership and expand access to flexible schedules and family benefits at every level. Meet 10 female senior leaders across the Marsh McLennan companies, as they reflect on their childhood aspirations, career challenges and paths to leadership.

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Our Culture

Guy Carpenter puts clients and colleagues first. See how we support inclusiveness, promote social impact and encourage your professional growth.

  • I am grateful to have amazing leadership and mentors that represent my Hispanic/Latin culture and prove that we have a voice in all fields, all departments and all roles.

    Brenda Giselle Marte, US, Global Strategic Advisory

  • The insurance industry is such a vibrant place to work, as it is built on relationships based on trust and understanding.

    Charlotte Hollingsworth, UK, North America Team

  • I have been able to relocate to Singapore from London and experience both a different culture and a very different market. I have traveled within the region and broadened my personal and professional perspective, which would not be possible in many industries.

    Charlotte Murphy, Singapore, International - APAC

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