Regional and Mutual Companies

Guy Carpenter’s dedicated Regional and Mutual team delivers strategic solutions tailored to fit your unique needs, helping you efficiently buy reinsurance, improve your performance and achieve your business goals.

Partnering for Innovation and Growth

Regional and mutual companies need a partner who understands their specific needs and is committed to meeting their individual requirements. As the market and your company evolve, you need innovative solutions that will help you reach your tactical and strategic goals.

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Stay Competitive in an Evolving Market

Through our customized, proprietary solutions and advisory services, Guy Carpenter helps you “own” your view of risk and innovation while helping you manage capital, volatility and diversified growth. Additionally, our long history, almost 100 years serving this segment, and broad regional and mutual company perspective allows us to differentiate each client in the global reinsurance market, obtaining the most competitive terms and broadest conditions available.

  • Deliver Sustainable, Profitable and Diversified Growth

    Stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace and define and execute your strategic initiatives which in many cases involve product and geographic diversification.
  • Evolve with Innovations in Data, Analytics and Technology

    To remain competitive and improve operations, we help you research, understand and evaluate new insurance technologies and InsurTech-focused vendors and solutions.
  • Manage Volatility

    Understand what drives your volatility and consider changes to your business and reinsurance to match your view of risk and performance by leveraging our economic modeling tools and analytic services.
  • Establish a View of Innovation

    Define your view of innovation that addresses your strategic plan, corporate structure and Culture which will also assist in discussions with outside constituents including AM Best.

The Value of Partnering with Guy Carpenter

Delivering Transactional Expertise

  • More than 120 segment-focused broking and analytics experts deliver customized solutions—including proprietary facilities and consortia that provide dedicated capacity for our regional and mutual clients.
  • Long history and trading scale translates to strong negotiating positions with reinsurers and underwriters targeting regional and mutual companies—and the ability to negotiate commercially favorable terms and conditions in the global marketplace.
  • First to offer tailored, more expansive contract terms and conditions consistent with regional and mutual company exposures.
  • Significant catastrophe claims experience, including unique claims settlement authorities and a team dedicated to difficult, complex claims.

Improving Business Performance

  • Strategic analysis and advice to help set your capital management and growth strategies.
  • GC AdvantagePoint® to monitor and manage your portfolio risk and support underwriting decisions.
  • Annual seminar focused on regional and mutual company issues and concerns such as InsurTech and innovation.
  • Supports NAMIC to advance your mutual company agenda.

Managing Risk and Capital

  • Broadest range of deterministic planning and stochastic capital management tools from basic to sophisticated: GC ProjectorTM supports deterministic financial planning, while MetaRisk® provides the ability to build a capital model using the industry’s only timeline-based software.
  • Largest and most experienced Rating Agency Advisory team that provides dedicated resources to advise on A.M. Best’s stochastic-based BCAR model, risk tolerance statement guidance, and benchmarking and innovation scoring.
Through our customized, proprietary solutions and advisory services, Guy Carpenter helps you “own” your view of risk and innovation while building sustainable, profitable and diversified growth. 

Areas of Expertise


  • In-depth and working knowledge of reinsurers and specific underwriters targeting regional and mutual companies.
  • Longstanding relationships with reinsurers focusing on the regional and mutual company segment.
  • Exclusive access to the Regional Treaty Services Corporation (RTSC) and the Regional Accounts Program (RAP). The RTSC and the RAP facilities are composed exclusively of reinsurers rated “A-” or better by A.M. Best and are lead underwriters who specialize in regional and mutual business.

Rating Agency

  • At the forefront of helping companies manage their stochastic-based Best’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR) and develop stress tests to reflect changing risk.
  • Established relationships with and understanding of all key rating agencies, with dedicated resources focused on supporting regional and mutual companies.
  • Expertise in assisting you with defining and demonstrating your view of risk and innovation, current capabilities and evolving strategy—and presenting that information in an objective, compelling manner in your annual A.M. Best rating reviews.


  • Valuable insights informed by our mutual company association relationships and shaped through experience with our broad client base that helps us access the most competitive transactional results for clients.
  • Partnership with Karen Clark & Company (KCC) offers capabilities and transparency that is differentiated from what is available through the current paradigm. KCC models offer far more integrated insight than just the basic outputs for reinsurance structuring and placement.
  • Continuous investment in people, tools, services and solutions aimed at providing efficient access to state-of-the-art data, analytics, technology and solutions.
  • When you get one of us you get all of us. We constantly are sharing market intelligence, reviewing and analyzing client case studies and discussing creative but effective reinsurance solutions which ultimately leads to better service and solutions for our clients.

    Scott Rubenstein, Managing Director

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

GC Genesis

  • Sort and organize thousands of InsurTech companies to identify those that are aligned with your goals for improving business performance.
  • Provide a roadmap from your current baseline to new capabilities that de-risk your strategic plans and improve business performance.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

  • Improve your performance and mitigate risk.
  • Own and measure your company’s view of risk.
  • Develop, measure, validate and communicate your risk appetite and risk tolerance statements.
  • Set and refine your capital management strategies and growth.

Reinsurance Contracts

Tailored and more expansive contract terms and conditions consistent with regional and mutual company exposures.


Reinsurance pricing techniques that recognize the inherent lower volatility of regional and mutual business.

Claims and Accounting

Experience with accounting and claims issues, including fronting of catastrophe claim payments and access to a professional advocate who will work on behalf of your individual needs.

Economic Capital Modeling (ECM)

  • Utilize a full suite of deterministic and stochastic ECM tools and services that provide practical solutions to meet your unique needs.
  • Build and customize ECM analytics as well as operationalize ECM solutions.
  • Engage in strategic discussion on capital, profitability, volatility and the impact on your sustainability and growth.

Data Solutions To Inform Your Strategies

  • Model Suitability Analysis (MSA)

    Helps clients understand catastrophe models and develop an individualized view of catastrophe risk.
  • GC Mosaic

    Delivers customizable dashboards that enable clients to perform multi-faceted analyses on market, distribution and macroeconomic factors that are critical to consider when developing and executing growth strategies.
  • GC Projector

    Provides clients with multi-year financial projections, pro forma stress testing and BCAR evaluations through a deterministic capital model designed to support traditional capital management and financial planning.
  • GC Compare

    Our competitive analysis model and dashboard uses statutory financial data that enables us to analyze performance around capital, growth and volatility. These insights allow an informed discussion on how a company is trending with the industry, its segment and selected peers and how they are positioned for profitability and growth.
  • North America Perils Advisory (NAPA)

    NAPA is composed of scientific and engineering experts advising on natural catastrophe risk, inclusive of applied usage of catastrophe models, implications of climate change and usage of bespoke catastrophe analytics to advance underwriting, portfolio management, claims efficiency and enterprise risk management strategies.

Powering Your Business With Insights

  • Segments

    Offering you specialized expertise that focuses market knowledge, product innovation and analytics on your unique challenges—to provide you with an enduring competitive advantage.
  • Risks

    Bringing together an unparalleled depth and breadth of capabilities and experience to turn your risks into profit and sustained growth.
  • Reinsurance Broking

    Tailoring your solutions to effectively and efficiently match the right capital with your evolving risk profile.