The Terrorism practice draws on expertise from Guy Carpenter specialists in property, workers compensation, accident and health, cyber risk and others to tailor comprehensive terror and political violence solutions for our global clients. In the US, we also assist clients with structuring and securing the largest amount of available terrorism reinsurance capacity to help withstand any potential changes or gaps to TRIPRA (Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act).

Get in Front of Terrorism Risks With Advisory and Analytics

We bring together the power of analytics and advisory via a multi-model approach to address ever-changing, complex terrorism risks. In addition to licensing all the commercially available terrorism models we offer our comprehensive services via Sunstone®, a one-of-a-kind terrorism analytics platform that helps you better understand the threats, reduces uncertainty and contributes significant value to your risk portfolio.

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Partner to Mitigate Your Risks

The complex nature and ever-changing landscape of terrorism risks have proven to be a challenge for both the economy and insurance carriers alike. Misperceptions of terrorism realities, uncertainty around calculating risk and subjectivity in assessing that risk create conservatism in the insurance market. We partner with you to address these issues, offering industry-leading expertise and experience so you can be more adaptive than the threats.


Sunstone®: Next-Generation Terrorism Analytics

Guy Carpenter’s unparalleled investment in terrorism analytics is the foundation of Sunstone. More than just a platform, Sunstone connects you with a dedicated terrorism advisory and analytics team of counter-terrorism experts with real field experience, threat experts, blast engineers, sophisticated modelers, business professionals—and a team dedicated to global terrorism target maintenance and enhancement.

Sunstone is the industry’s most advanced web-based platform for managing and quantifying your terrorism risks.

This cutting-edge tool allows you to model terrorism exposures for property, business interruption, workers’ compensation and life. With both probabilistic and deterministic approaches, it quantifies the terrorism risk on a global basis, incorporates the attack types reflecting the real-world trend and provides an extremely granular view of scenario loss.

Key features were designed and developed based on the collaborative contributions from both insurance industry and terrorism experts, including:

  • A terrorism model that truly is global, producing worldwide Annual Average Loss (AAL) and Probable Maximum Loss (PML) estimates
  • A comprehensive group of attack types, including recent terror trends such as lone shooters and truck collisions
  • Proprietary accumulation algorithms that capture hot spots missed by other terrorism models
  • A target list of 600K+ for U.S. and 1M+ Globally
  • Cityscape modeling that provides scenario loss with high accuracy

Advanced Cityscape Modeling

Guy Carpenter has an exclusive relationship with Synthetik to develop and deliver blast and weapons effects modeling to the insurance industry. The Sunstone platform utilizes Computational Fluid Dynamics and Crowd Flow to model scenario loss in great detail.

Sunstone employs scientific approaches to calculate blast loads, and deploys engineering principles to assess structural response and human injuries. Details such as damages and injuries caused by broken glazing, blast confinement and shielding, exposure height above ground, building angle and reflection are explicitly modeled. 10 cities are currently modeled, with more added each year.

Terrorism Underwriting and Portfolio Management

Sunstone brings the terrorism risk assessment, for both individual risk and a portfolio of policies, to a higher level. It fully leverages frontier developments in data and technology, including such business implementations as:

  • Proprietary targets and probability matrix on a global basis
  • Probabilistic and deterministic analysis
  • Terrorism underwriting best practice consultancy
  • Terrorism threat score and risk map
  • Vulnerability curves based on blast engineering
  • Analytics provides the scale and functionality to optimally manage your portfolio—as well as the sophistication to assess and model threat, vulnerability and impact. Advisory provides you the thought leadership and support you need to mitigate your risks.

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