Strategic Advisory

Portfolio Management

Guy Carpenter offers a suite of tools for implementing your portfolio management and enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies. Our tools focus on both natural and man-made catastrophes, and we work with you to tailor the right short- and long-term solutions.

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Alignment Is Essential to Optimizing Your Portfolio

A key element of portfolio management is the alignment of a firm’s capital management framework with catastrophe modeling output, so returns can be targeted down to the county, postal code or even location level. With this information, a firm can re-underwrite the “worst offenders” in the existing portfolio and target new areas for growth according to defined performance metrics. We work with you to manage your portfolio through data management, portfolio assessment and portfolio optimization.

Portfolio Management Intelligence

  • Custom Dashboards: GC Mosaic®

    Our customizable dashboards through GC Mosaic® enable clients to perform a multi-faceted analysis of the market, distribution and macroeconomic factors that are critical to consider when developing and executing growth strategies.
  • Financial Planning: GC Projector™

    Our GC Projector™ financial planning tool is an easy-to-use and robust forecasting model that provides insights into key financial metrics and assists with business planning and rating agency discussions.
  • Portfolio Management: GC AdvantagePoint®

    A catastrophe and portfolio management solution, GC AdvantagePoint® generates a comprehensive view of your overall portfolio, allows for active monitoring of events as they unfold and provides a location level view of risk enabling the alignment of day-to-day underwriting decisions with enterprise goals.
  • Peril Advisory

    Guy Carpenter provides global peril advisory solutions and services for clients that support portfolio risk management, improved risk selection, and facilitate rate making and strategic growth.​​​​​​​
  • Optimize Your Portfolio

    Our platform of optimization tools including RIO and STEM can be used for business planning, treaty portfolio optimization or reinsurance optimization. Underwriting risk is analyzed by optimizing direct/assumed business, ceded reinsurance, or both simultaneously, subject to capital, CAT OEP and AEP constraints.
  • MarketLab

    Our Pricing & Marketing Excellence tool integrates various datasets and predictive models in an app that empowers our clients to quickly and intelligently make marketing, underwriting and primary pricing decisions that lead to growth and improved profitability. This tool is currently only for US-Florida clients.
  • GC Holistic Analysis℠

    GC Holistic Analysis is our advanced analytics solution to help clients assess the stability of their long-tailed portfolios. The solution utilizes the latest sophisticated predictive-modeling tools to synthesize a wide array of information, including company and industry loss triangles as well as a range of external macroeconomic drivers to forecast an ultimate loss ratio. It allows for peer-benchmarking, assessing health of the broader market, and simulating the effects of a stressed environment.

Powering Your Business With Insights

  • Segments

    Offering you specialized expertise that focuses market knowledge, product innovation and analytics on your unique challenges—to provide you with an enduring competitive advantage.
  • Risks

    Bringing together an unparalleled depth and breadth of capabilities and experience to turn your risks into profit and sustained growth.
  • Reinsurance Broking

    Tailoring your solutions to effectively and efficiently match the right capital with your evolving risk profile.