Which technologies will change the game?

One of the most profound changes for insurers in a generation is the potential to aggregate and analyze voluminous amounts of data that flow through their own and partners’ networks. Harnessing this information in real time can be a decisive competitive advantage, enabling carriers to anticipate consumer needs, respond to sudden challenges, accelerate market entry, and optimize profitability over time.

As advisors to insurers, Guy Carpenter is playing a central role in helping our clients realize this potential.

Access to market-leading technology helps Guy Carpenter clients minimize investment in fixed infrastructure to support discrete businesses.

We assist our clients in their migration to electronic platforms and application of technology-enabled analytics. We can help you assess emerging technology options from a strategic standpoint, not simply an IT standpoint, and integrate those that will deliver the best returns – operationally, financially and vs. best competition.

An objective look at best-of-breed solutions. We have developed a highly regarded suite of proprietary analytic solutions in collaboration with our clients. Extensive relationships with leading-edge technology companies keep us in touch with developments that can give our clients an edge in product innovation, distribution, data management and decision support.

The fastest way to improve what you’ve got.

Predictive analytics modeling enables Guy Carpenter clients to segment complex data in new ways, isolating the specific elements that are most predictive of future outcomes. Applying predictive analytics in real time can radically improve the results of everyday decisions on risk, underwriting, marketing and distribution.

When a business line is underperforming,
predictive analytics can often identify segments within it that are highly profitable – creating new options for the client, or a better price at sale.