We don’t do deals. We strengthen companies.

Guy Carpenter is the right option for the organization that is looking for capital, market insights and strategic savvy to expand into new geographies and fund new capabilities.

The Guy Carpenter platform spans the global capital markets as well as the reinsurance world, enabling provider-agnostic solutions informed by unequalled analytics. We know where the most efficient capital provider is at any given moment. These capital providers increasingly seek us out for our track record in matching counterparties and our worldwide distribution network.

At Guy Carpenter, capital raising is a means, not an end. We help our clients refine their goals and isolate the best strategies for growth: build, buy, or partner. We serve their enterprise, not the transaction.

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Why Guy Carpenter?

  • Debt, Equity, and Hybrid Capital Solutions
  • Worldwide Capability
  • Provider agnostic
  • All-Encompassing Data in the Insurance Sector
  • Mastery of Reserve, Rating, and Regulatory Issues
  • Proven and Efficient Execution