Optimize Your Ratings by Owning and Proactively Managing Your Rating Agency Risk.

Rating agencies universally evaluate and assess a company’s ability to understand and effectively manage risk relative to capital. Agencies aim to be transparent in their rating evaluations and explicitly outline their rating methodology. Most share a similar criteria structure (balance sheet, operating performance, business profile) but the similarities diminish as you take a closer look across the rating agency landscape to the scope, experience and coverage of each rating firm. Understanding the unique perspectives of each rating agency is paramount to managing credit ratings. 

New and evolving criteria, untimely requests for information during and post events, poor or little analyst communication are just a few challenges in today’s complex and uncertain environment that make managing credit ratings increasingly difficult. Furthermore, managing your rating agency relationship(s) is increasingly costly in terms of both time and resources as the risk landscape transforms quickly and rating agencies react.

Guy Carpenter’s Ratings Advisory Team consists of experienced professionals that help clients effectively and efficiently manage their rating agency relationship. Whether you are seeking a rating for this first time or have a team of personnel dedicated to managing your rating agency relations, our team of Ratings Advisory experts have unique insights and understanding of rating criteria and its application. We understand the criteria and procedures from the various rating agencies to aid in the day-to-day and overall management of the relationship and to ensure you are communicating effectively. Our team assists a large and diverse client base that allows for deep insights into the interpretation of rating criteria. This experience and expertise is a valuable resource for clients to help mitigate the cost and time needed to manage ratings.

The Ratings Advisory team works in collaboration with the rest of your Guy Carpenter team to provide best in class solutions to achieve your strategic and rating goals.

Ratings Advisory Contacts

North America

Doug Ostermiller
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Mark Murray
E: Mark.Murray

Kyle Mosher
E: Kyle.Mosher

Maryam Yarahmadi
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Anna Bender
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Vivian Cheung
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