What if there were an equation for profitable growth?

The drivers of risk transcend individual events and the investment decisions of the moment. Business leaders are looking for models that provide a view of the entire enterprise as it navigates a dynamic environment.

Guy Carpenter Enterprise Risk Management solutions can help you integrate your risk management strategy with capital and business strategies, improving the linkage between operational and financial decision making.

Enterprise Risk Management provides a systematic, data-based framework that optimizes risk-adjusted returns across the enterprise. It is comprehensive and focused on creating value, not simply compliance. Like any enterprise-wide undertaking, ERM is a major undertaking, but the rewards are commensurate:

Improved assessments from rating agencies.

More cost-efficient transactions.

Better strategic alignment across business segments.

Greater consistency in earnings performance.

ERM creates a new calculus of risk and opportunity across business units and, at the C-level, becomes part of the organization's navigation system.

Guy Carpenter actuaries work with your technical support team developing insights into risk parameters, sensitivity testing and benchmark data. By identifying each business segment’s effect on capital requirements, we help you benchmark performance relative to the capital consumed.

Financial and strategic experts work with your executive team to help you develop and deploy an Enterprise Risk Management model that is unique to your organization’s risk appetite, its opportunities for growth – and its culture.

Transparent capital modeling for your business

MetaRisk® is a risk and capital decision tool that helps executives evaluate and mitigate the risks most salient to their business. The platform enables integrated modeling of underwriting, reserve, catastrophe, credit and investment risk for a more comprehensive view of exposures and capital adequacy. Designed to meet the stringent demands of Enterprise Risk Management and Solvency II requirements, MetaRisk allows a company to communicate its risk processes and decision rationale to all constituents – from management to shareholders, regulators and rating agencies.

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