Singapore Cloudburst Flood Model

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The Cloudburst model for Singapore is the latest addition to Guy Carpenter’s robust suite of flood monitoring tools. Our models and advisory help clients throughout Asia better understand and manage the flood risks they face.


What are the benefits of using Guy Carpenter’s Singapore Cloudburst flood model?

State-of-the-art modelling:
  • Integrates most up-to-date underlying scientific and engineering data.
  • Enhanced methodology to support robust modelling complexity for Singapore.
  • Incorporates the details of urban data and drainage system on flood defenses and mitigations.
Broad range of applications
  • Can be used for underwriting, risk management and regulatory requirements.
  • Accumulation, probable maximum losses (PMLs) and scenario modelling to support management decisions, including climate change assessment.
Integrates with GC suite of flood models
  • Correlation across the regions in Asia-Pacific with Guy Carpenter’s suite of flood models. Allows loss modelling for events that hit multiple countries.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all countries in Asia with the best of regional and local data support.


Model Usage

Guy Carpenter's Singapore Cloudburst Flood model utilizes the industry-owned, open-source OASIS loss modelling platform and provides various level of outputs including average annual losses and event loss tables (AALs and ELT). The model is suitable for underwriting purposes, with supported data at high resolution.


If you are interested in learning more about the Singapore Cloudburst model or would like to organize a technical presentation about the details, please don’t hesitate in contacting any of the people below:

Mark Weatherhead   Justin Ward   Karl Jones
Managing Director, Head of Catastrophe Advisory, SEAKI   Senior Vice President, Head of Singapore Treaty   Managing Director, Head of Global Strategic Advisory, APAC
mark.weatherhead@guycarp.com   justin.ward@guycarp.com   karl.jones@guycarp.com
Narathip Sutchiewcharn   Daniel Knös   Daksiya Velautham
Senior Vice President, Head of Model Development Asia-Pacific   Vice President, Model Development EMEA   Climate Change Catastrophe Analyst
narathip.sutchiewcharn@guycarp.com   daniel.knos@guycarp.com   daksiya.velautham@guycarp.com



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Singapore Cloudburst Flood Model

The Cloudburst model for Singapore is the latest addition to Guy Carpenter’s robust suite of flood monitoring tools.