2023 Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous: Compendium of Guy Carpenter Media Coverage

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Guy Carpenter experts provided actionable insights into market conditions, as well as client challenges and solutions throughout the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous, one of the primary events on the reinsurance industry’s calendar. Here are the highlights of media coverage and our own thought leadership connected with the conference.

Q&A with Dean Klisura

In an article from Insurance Insider, Dean Klisura, President and CEO, responds to questions connected with risk-transfer capacity and pricing, cyber, and public sector management of risks that threaten communities’ prosperity and security.

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Guy Carpenter President and CEO Dean Klisura with London's Lord Mayor Nicholas Lyons.

David Priebe Describes Attractive Reinsurance Market for Investors

In this video interview with The Insurer TV, David Priebe, Chairman, indicates how increasing inflows have made the market more appealing for investors.

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Julian Enoizi, Andrew Bailey on Firm’s Role in Ukrainian Recovery

In this article from The Insurer, Julian Enoizi, Guy Carpenter's CEO of Europe, and Andrew Bailey, of Oliver Wyman’s public sector team, explain how Marsh McLennan is bringing to bear the power of the whole firm in support of Ukraine, as the country works toward recovery and reconstruction.

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Guy Carpenter displays its key themes at the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous gala.

Guy Carpenter Experts on Risk, Regulation Regarding Climate Change

In this article from Insurance Insider, Guy Carpenter experts Kieran Bhatia, Sam Phibbs and Katy Reyner discuss that state of the current climate, its potential impacts, and how reporting rules from regulatory entities are evolving.

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Brendan Clifford, Stephen Hudson on French Riots and Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion Protection

In this article from Insurance Insider, Brendan Clifford, Threat Analyst, Political Violence Advisory, and Stephen Hudson, Head of Political Violence Advisory, discuss how riots in France in June and July created uncertainty over the future of strikes, riots and civil commotion (SRCC) protection.

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Dean Klisura Addresses Managing Global Volatility

In this article in The Insurer, Dean Klisura, President and CEO, talks about the macroeconomic challenges and opportunities (re)insurers face in today’s market.

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Guy Carpenter's Innovation Hub at 2023 Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous.

Anthony Cordonnier, Erica Davis on Cyber Events and Equity Performance

In this article in The Insurer, Anthony Cordonnier and Erica Davis, Global Co-Heads of Cyber, highlight new research that can help (re)insurers make informed decisions about capital deployment, indicating that the effect of a cyber event falling within the random noise in the market does not cause a lasting impact on stock market performance.

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Vicky Carter Discusses Market Conditions

In this article in Global Reinsurance, Vicky Carter, Chairman, Global Capital Solutions, International, addresses (re)insurance market conditions, which she describes as “the most exciting market we’ve seen for years and years—probably in my career.”

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Jay Dhru, Richard Hewitt on Market Volatility and Reinsurance Capitalization

In this article in The Insurer, Jay Dhru, Global Head of Business Intelligence, and Richard Hewitt, Head of Business Intelligence, EMEA, evaluate macroeconomic trends and the impact they have on reinsurance capital.

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Vicky Carter on Building a Reserve Buffer for Long Tail Lines

In this video interview with The Insurer TV, Vicky Carter, Chairman of Global Capital Solutions, International, addresses concerns over potential reserve deficiencies for specialty and longer-tailed segments driven by social inflation.

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Shiv Kumar on the Catastrophe Bond Market

In this article for Insurance Insider, Shiv Kumar, President, GC Securities, discusses how ceding companies are increasingly taking a more strategic look at insurance-linked securities, specifically catastrophe bonds.

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James Boyce, Richard Morgan on Property Retrocessional Market

In this article from The Insurer, James Boyce, CEO of Global Specialties, indicated that the non-marine retro market has experienced a period of “significant rate hardening” in recent years, while Richard Morgan, Head of Non-Marine Specialties, added that buyers looking to optimize retrocessional strategies in 2024 will need to navigate the widest potential pool of capacity or capital providers.

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Jeff Krohn on Mortgage Credit Risk Transfer

In this video interview with Insurance Insider, Jeff Krohn, Mortgage Credit Segment Leader, discussed conditions around the credit risk transfer segment and how the market could change going forward.

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Vicky Carter at Monte Carlo CEO Roundtable Event

In this article from The Insurer, Vicky Carter, Chairman of Global Capital Solutions, International, indicated that many buyers needed to carry higher retentions this year, while aggregate covers were very difficult to purchase. She encourages creative solutions to address this situation going forward.

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