Guy Carpenter’s Vicky Carter Talks Technology, Future Staffing Ahead of Rising Professionals Forum

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In this article in Insurance Insider, ahead of Marsh McLennan’s Rising Professionals Global Forum, Guy Carpenter’s Vicky Carter, International Global Capital Chair, discusses how advancements in technology make it even more important for the (re)insurance industry to look ahead as it seeks to recruit younger colleagues. (Please note: the original article is behind a subscription wall, but a free trial is available.)

“I think the challenge for every company now is ensuring that they’ve got the next generation coming through and that generation is trained and effective in the positions to be replaced,” Vicky said.

One of the most important points she mentioned was the need for the industry to promote itself to young people.

“If you look back to when you were at school and somebody suggested a career in insurance, you’d probably raise your eyebrows and go: ‘are you kidding me?’” Vicky said. “But we all know when you are embedded in this industry, that is probably one of the most dynamic and most exciting industries to be in, with everything going on in the world today.”