Faultless performance from end to end.

Guy Carpenter client service teams proficiently navigatethe complexities of reinsurance coverage reporting, accounting, and settlement in every specialty and every market in the world. They know how your business with us stands at any moment.

Expertise in critical disciplines helps make transactions virtually frictionless. We maintain client service teams that handle only facultative reinsurance. In addition, we have Global Claims Consultants who specialize in resolving difficult transactions: asbestos, environmental, and other potentially contentious claims.

Over 700 professionals prepare everything, from slip preparation to technical processing of premiums and claims, and collection and settlement of fiduciary balances.


Your business never leaves our hands.
We do not outsource the servicing of your reinsurance brokerage account. Every fiduciary transaction we receive is tracked and monitored against our Key Performance Targets from end to end. When you trust Guy Carpenter, you get Guy Carpenter: Our people, our processes, and our total commitment to client success.

Fewer inquiries, faster money.
Our advanced technology platform accelerates loss reporting and claims processing. Questions are routinely answered before they become issues, so reinsurance dollars flow as they should. When issues arise, we make it our business to solve them as your advocate. Our collections approach is robust and assertive.

Guy Carpenter clients expect full value at settlement.
In addition to tracking each claim and account, our database analyzes the payment performance of every reinsurer in the world. For clients operating across borders, we ensure multinational statutory compliance including the processing of all collateral requirements through our Letter of Credit system.

Client Services

  • Tracking and accounting
  • Claims processing
  • Proportional treaty administration
  • Settlement

Over 700 professionals and staff
 New York, London
Offices worldwide


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