Improved Returns Through Holistic Capital Management

Guy Carpenter and Mercer both work with a number of (re)insurers to improve and optimize their return on capital (ROC). (Re)Insurers are currently facing many headwinds, including the low-yield environment, competitive pressures on insurance rates, and a developing regulatory landscape, including Solvency II.

We believe that, jointly, we are uniquely positioned to provide a holistic approach to capital optimization and risk mitigation - across the balance sheet - and the opportunity to add value is significant.

Guy Carpenter has extensive expertise in working collaboratively with its insurance clients to develop sophisticated reinsurance and risk solutions. Likewise, Mercer's services for insurers range from strategic investment risk management through to practical implementation of investment strategies supplemented by transparent risk reporting and expertise. By combining these two capital management tools and disciplines, the potential to unlock hidden value from diversification is increased, as well as achieving greater absolute returns through optimized risk management.

View our videos to learn more on how our holistic approach can help you:

In the Media

September 2015: A.M. Best TV interviews Eric Paire, Head of Global Partners and Strategic Advisory EMEA, Guy Carpenter, at the 2015 Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous. Watch the Video

September 2015: News Assurances interviews Eric Paire at RVS 2015: "Avec Solvabilité II, le montant de capital est de plus en plus important." Watch the Video


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