Four Steps to Building a COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy

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With COVID-19 surges continuing in many parts of the world and the vaccine supply limited, it is difficult to maintain a vision of the end of this pandemic. That said, vaccines remain the most reliable and widest path out of the current crisis. In most countries, the public sector is predominantly handling the initial mass vaccination rollout; however, the private sector is playing an important role in encouraging vaccinations and, importantly, continued COVID-19 protections, according to Lorna Friedman, M.D., Global Health Leader, Multinational, at Mercer, a business of Marsh McLennan.

To have a positive impact and manage ongoing risk, employers need a vaccination strategy that anticipates and plans for the business issues that are likely to arise. Many have already started. In a COVID-19 Vaccine Survey Mercer conducted in January 2021, 39 percent of respondents had already created a steering committee to consider the labor relations and occupational safety and health concerns relating to the vaccine, and another 29 percent were in planning stages or considering the adoption of such committees.

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