Guy Carpenter Briefing Discusses Cyber Issues Within Auto Technology

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Guy Carpenter’s briefing, Cyber Risk for Vehicles, outlines the technological capabilities characteristic in today’s high-tech cars and the potential risks inherent with this fast-paced technological evolution. This is a companion piece with EMEA Motor Insurance Summary—2021: Insurance for a Changing World.

Points raised include:

  • Privacy, security and safety risk potentials caused by vehicle technology.
  • Cyber risk exposures and how they can be covered.
  • Differentiating between third-party and product liability when it comes to applications of vehicle technology.

Guy Carpenter maintains a cross-territory presence of experts within the mobility spectrum to bring added value to clients. Our global Cyber Center of Excellence is a dedicated team of brokers, product innovators and analytic experts advancing the role of cyber reinsurance and retrocession, helping clients achieve profitable growth.


Cyber Risk For Vehicles

The fast-paced evolution of vehicle automation, combined with increased reliance on internet-connected technologies in critical operations, has the potential to give rise to an increased number of cyber incidents.

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