Marsh McLennan Enhances Flood Risk Index Tool

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The Marsh McLennan Flood Risk Index leverages research from international organizations and academic institutions to provide a global overview of flood risk and its implications on human and economic systems. Guy Carpenter is a business of Marsh McLennan.

In its latest rendition, the index explores the impact of flooding under different climate-change scenarios (present-day, +1.5 °C, +2 °C, +3.5 °C) and accounts for the impact of riverine flooding, extreme rainfall and coastal flooding. It also illustrates the threats of flooding on urban and rural areas and on key infrastructure assets such as power plants, international airports and ports, and provides an overview of strategies for resilience.

The results of the index are accessible through an interactive web tool. This data is useful for businesses interested in understanding the potential impacts of flood risk on global operations, as well as for governments seeking to benchmark flood risk within their borders with other countries.

Guy Carpenter, working with colleagues across the Marsh McLennan enterprise, provides services that span multiple climate-related areas. These services include transition risk modeling, climate investment portfolio modeling, asset-level resilience surveys and scoring, and commercial due diligence.