Marsh McLennan Report Shows Challenges, Opportunities Regarding Climate Impact in Healthcare

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A report from Marsh McLennan, Feeling the Heat: How Healthcare Providers Can Meet the Climate Challenge, explores the urgency of the issue, how healthcare providers can understand the risks and unlock opportunities, and how they can  build resilience to climate impacts as well as reduce their climate footprint. Guy Carpenter is a business of Marsh McLennan.

For example, some of the same drivers present challenges and opportunities when it comes to climate-related risk. If not acted upon, regulators and financial institutions’ enhanced expectations with regard to climate performance can restrict access to capital. At the same time, proactively measuring and reporting on climate performance—with a clear roadmap for making progress—can result in greater trust from lenders, stakeholders and patients. 


Examples of risks and opportunities arising from climate change (to see an enlarged version of the chart in a new tab, please click the image below)

Some healthcare providers are starting to tap into environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability-linked opportunities, including reduced expenditure on energy and natural resources, greater access to green subsidies and capital, increased patient and workforce trust and engagement, and enhanced community resilience.

Guy Carpenter is uniquely positioned to help its clients understand which perils and regions are most at risk due to climate change. Working in tandem across the Marsh McLennan enterprise with Marsh, Oliver Wyman and Mercer, Guy Carpenter provides services to its clients that span multiple climate-related areas. These services include transition risk modeling, climate investment portfolio modeling, asset-level resilience surveys and scoring, and commercial due diligence.


Feeling the heat

Besides growing disease burden and costs, healthcare providers face operational, financial and supply chain disruptions due to climate shocks and stresses.