Guy Carpenter’s David Priebe Joins Voice of Insurance Podcast to Discuss Renewal Conditions

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Guy Carpenter’s David Priebe, Chairman, joined Mark Geohegan, host of The Voice of Insurance podcast, for a panel discussion concerning the January 1, 2023 reinsurance renewal period.

“The 1/1 renewals were tenacious, frustrating at times and very challenging,” David said. “It was quite the process. Cedents and reinsurers worked to try to find a new market equilibrium in what was a late and disjointed process.”

“The market started to align around the Christmas break,” he continued. “The quantity of previously un-messaged subjectivities, in particular, pushed signings to the last minute, as negotiations with 1 or 2 reinsurers could hold up the whole process. But we got there in the end.”