How will today’s decisions look a decade from now?

Guy Carpenter has provided reinsurance brokerage services since 1922 and continues to serve some of the firm’s original clients. One of the roles we play for all our clients is helping them anticipate and navigate change.

Reinsurance in a strategic context. Our conversation begins with client goals and challenges. We work to understand your broad financial landscape before making recommendations for a specific solution. We explore potential opportunities as well as the challenges at hand – and those that may be lurking on the horizon. Then we work through the data – oceans of it – and by combining it with the industry’s most sophisticated analytics, develop a comprehensive view of the risk and the best way to transfer it in line with your goals and objectives.

A superior result is our business model. New clients are often surprised by the depth of the team we assign to their business. We bring expertise from wherever it resides, whenever it is needed, regardless of our client’s size or geographic footprint: Every client gets the A Team every time.

The best information, when it's needed most

The Guy Carpenter Analytics group helps you anticipate and respond to catastrophic events in real time.

Modeling your portfolio. With an unbiased and longstanding history of using catastrophe models to help our customers make strategic decisions about retaining, mitigating, and transferring risk, we evaluate data and the models, explain divergent model answers, and offer alternative approaches to ensure our customers are the best informed.

GC RealCat* leverages real-time weather and earthquake event tracking to anticipate how an event may affect an insurer's portfolio and help efficiently manage cat response deployment. *patent #7,949,548

CAT-i & RISK-i Reports consolidate the best available information on natural and man-made events likely to result in significant losses. They summarize the situation, map the impact, provide damage estimates and track the flow of claims.

Guy Carpenter Specialty Practices

  • Agriculture

    Guy Carpenter’s Agriculture Specialty practice develops comprehensive reinsurance solutions for agriculture risks worldwide, helping clients quantify exposures and manage portfolios for profitability.

    The practice includes coverage for growing crops, forestry and plantations, livestock and animal mortality, aquaculture and related enterprises. The susceptibility of crops to weather-related perils calls for sophisticated modeling solutions to quantify the risk from these perils. In addition to quantifying weather risks from a reinsurance perspective for clients, Guy Carpenter also assists clients with underwriting and pricing tools that help maximize the profitability of their primary portfolios. Where models are insufficient, or lacking altogether, we have developed our own, including a proprietary fund allocation model and an intra-season predictive model for the U.S.

    The Agriculture specialty is also actively involved in collaborating with academic institutions to develop innovative and efficient risk transfer tools for the farming community worldwide.

    Guy Carpenter’s tool suite enables us to estimate losses for agriculture books of business, and model risks in creative ways, which in turn enables the development of better reinsurance solutions for our clients.

    To learn how we can help you improve the performance of your agriculture portfolio, please contact:

    • Ralph Bone
      Global Specialty Leader
      P: +1.952.920.3300
      E: Ralph.G.Bone
    • Jim Christianson
      U.S. Specialty Co-Leader
      P: +1.507.537.1924
      E: Jim.Christianson
    • Mark Lenhart
      U.S. Specialty Co-Leader
      E: Mark.Lenhart
    • Canada
      Joseph Brandonisio
      Managing Director
      E: Joseph.Brandonisio
    • EMEA
      Timothy Martin

      Managing Director
      Agriculture Specialty
      E: Tim.Martin
    • Asia Pacific
      Jia Lou
      Managing Director
      Hong Kong
      E: Jia.Lou
  • Aviation and Aerospace

    Guy Carpenter’s Aviation and Aerospace practice is widely regarded as one of the best in the world, delivering the most advanced technologies – and vast practical experience.

    In a field where pilots’ expertise is measured by time in type, the Guy Carpenter team has hundreds of years’ experience in every category of flight coverage: balloon, light aircraft, corporate jet, airline, rotor wing, aerospace manufacturers, and satellites, both during launch and in orbit. Guy Carpenter’s unique scale, scope and specialization enable us to create bespoke reinsurance solutions for clients of any size, in any geography.

    Clients are supported by analytics and contract experts who also specialize in aviation. One-of-a-kind analytic engines are powered by the industry’s most comprehensive loss database and exhaustive aircraft-specific data, including usage, routing structures, passenger mix and valuations.

    To learn how our team’s unique experience can work for you, please contact:

    • Ian Wrigglesworth
      Specialty Leader and Managing Director
      P: +44.20.7357.5225
      E: Ian.C.Wrigglesworth
  • Construction / Engineering All Risk

    Guy Carpenter's Construction/Engineering All Risk Specialty division delivers smartly structured capacity for all classes of engineering and contractor’s risks, worldwide.

    Our trademark combination of fresh thinking and deep experience in every market has made our team a first choice for start-ups as well as industry leaders around the world. Our London-based team builds both traditional and innovative solutions for single project and annual policy exposures. We place a full spectrum of treaty reinsurance programs, specifically tailored for each individual client, including excess of loss and pro rata treaties in addition to facultative support when needed.

    Advanced engineering modeling tools and analytical skills provided through GC Analytics® have enabled us to develop an enhanced understanding of engineering and construction project risks over time.  Exposure outputs from these tools can be utilized by catastrophe models and other financial tools to spotlight precisely the effect reinsurance can have on capital (economic, regulatory, Lloyd's RBC) and illuminate the impact that various reinsurance structures can have on underlying pricing, profitability, and risk.

    To learn more about how our forward-looking solutions can work for you, please contact:

    • Amir Mirfenderesky
      Managing Director
      P: +44.20.7357.2396
      E: Amir.Mirfenderesky
    • Simon Liley
      Managing Director
      E: Simon.Liley
    • Daniel Turner
      Vice President
      P: +44.20.7357.3293
      E: Daniel.Turner
    • Sara Collard
      Vice President
      E: Sara.Collard
  • Credit, Bond, and Political Risk

    Guy Carpenter’s Credit, Bond and Political Risk practice is a global leader in these classes. The team has over 100 years combined experience advising a global client base, providing vital support through the fluid landscape and uncertainties of established and emerging markets.

    Our clients benefit from our unique market awareness, born of continuous dialog with all international reinsurers. Guy Carpenter is itself organized for client benefit, with critical know-how shared across every Guy Carpenter office worldwide. We deliberately spread our renewal dates throughout the year, so every client enjoys our complete attention. We pride ourselves on providing genuine value added service to our clients.

    Our specialized knowledge, analytic skills and largest market share provide our clients with superior reinsurance intermediation, giving them the confidence they need to grow in a volatile environment. We engineer one-of-a-kind solutions for each client, calibrated exactly to business goals.  Through our diverse backgrounds we deliver innovative risk management and capital relief solutions to our clients. We have a long list of satisfied clients for whom our innovative and bespoke product designs have proved optimal. We would be happy to provide you with their contact details for reference purposes.

    To learn more about how Guy Carpenter can help you thrive in a dynamic environment, please contact:

    • Gregory King-Underwood
      Practice Leader
      Managing Director
      P: +44.20.7357.5118
      E: Gregory.King-Underwood
    • Seamus Kerr
      Vice President
      P: +44.20.7357.2884
      E: Seamus.Kerr
  • Cyber Solutions

    Guy Carpenter’s Cyber Solutions Specialty team helps our clients position themselves for years of profitable growth in this relatively young market.

    Guy Carpenter has pioneered and expanded cyber liability solutions since 1999. Our comprehensive knowledge of the space, its market dynamics, and our diversified client base within it, enable us to assist our clients at every phase of product development and reinsurance placement. We can help you add cyber coverage to your existing product suite through our relationships with best-in-class third-party providers, and meet the challenges of obtaining comprehensive reinsurance coverage for a systemic event. Our MetaRisk® capital modeling tool has been customized to consider the systemic and attritional loss exposures inherent in cyber liability.

    We have assisted in placing standalone cyber liability treaties for mature portfolios and created innovative solutions for regional and mutual carriers. Guy Carpenter’s industry-leading database helps clients understand probable losses in their growing cyber risk portfolios – and price their changing exposures with confidence.

    To learn more about how we can help you achieve profitable growth in this expanding arena, please contact:

    • Siobhan O'Brien
      Cyber Centre of Excellence
      P: +44.207.357.5593
      E: Siobhan.Obrien
    • Jeremy Platt
      Cyber Solutions Practice Leader
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3002
      E: Jeremy.S.Platt
    • Will Garland
      Cyber Solutions
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3105
      E: Will.Garland
    • Christopher Shafer
      Cyber Solutions
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3423
      E: Christopher.Shafer
    • Elizabeth Pullum
      Cyber Solutions
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3420
      E: Elizabeth.Pullum
    • Ralph Caravello
      Cyber Solutions
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3043
      E: Ralph.M.Caravello
    • James Dominguez
      Cyber Solutions
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3319
      E: James.Dominguez
    • Carolyn Morley
      UK Cyber Solutions
      P: +44.20.7357.2733
      E: Carolyn.Morley
  • EMEA Casualty

    Within EMEA, Guy Carpenter handles a wide range of Casualty business including Motor, Employers' Liability/Workers Compensation Act (EL/WCA), General Third Party Liability (GTP), Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers (D&O) as well as highly-specialized classes such as Environmental Insurance Liability (EIL), Cyber Liability, Warranty & Indemnity and Products Guarantee.

    Whatever the class of business, the teams at Guy Carpenter are consistent in providing clients with:

    • Focus on value (economic or regulatory)
    • Informed and meaningful modeling
    • Clear articulation of options and their implications
    • State-of-the-art technical advice
    • Wide-ranging and deep market knowledge

    Working with our clients in a collaborative way, we empower them to make optimal decisions for their business.

    Casualty business within EMEA is conducted in three teams:

    • Carolyn Morley
      Global Casualty
      P: +44.20.7357.2733
      E: Carolyn.Morley
    • Ian Kerton
      UK Casualty
      E: Ian.Kerton
  • Environmental Liability

    Guy Carpenter’s Environmental Liability specialty practice helps our clients succeed by reducing reinsurance costs, managing risks – and connecting with new customers.

    Customized solutions help Guy Carpenter clients differentiate themselves to reinsurers in a crowded marketplace, thereby realizing better pricing and terms. In addition to customized representation, Guy Carpenter is also innovating reinsurance design. For example,  our revolutionary reinsurance structure streamlines recoveries, reduces ceded premiums and expands the available reinsurance market for our clients.  An exclusive environmental loss database and powerful analytics allow us to model an expanding range of risks, providing clients with a deeper understanding of their portfolios – and possibilities.

    Guy Carpenter’s unique market knowledge is a potent asset for carriers entering the environmental field; and our client base provides a global platform for those seeking to grow. We routinely facilitate partnerships that help our clients round out their product offerings and reach potential new customers.

    To learn how our team’s unique experience can work for you, please contact:

    • Bill Godfrey
      Managing Director
      P: +1.617.424.3937
      E: William.C.Godfrey
    • David Allen
      Managing Director
      P: +1.215.864.3640
      E: David.Allen
  • Excess & Surplus Lines

    Guy Carpenter’s E&S Specialty is a team of dedicated specialists that deliver E&S-specific business intelligence, customized market analysis and peer group data to help clients gain a competitive advantage and achieve profitable growth.

    The excess and surplus lines (E&S) insurance carriers in the United States provide an essential market for exposures that fall outside the standard market, especially the most hazardous risks and emerging perils. Guy Carpenter has been the leading E&S reinsurance broker in the U.S. for decades and our knowledge and experience in this market is unmatched. Guy Carpenter’s Excess & Surplus Lines Specialty Practice helps a wide range of E&S providers develop and implement innovative strategies to best underwrite and manage the unique high-hazard risks of this segment.

    The practice provides clients with dedicated sources of stable capital, including Guy Carpenter’s Umbrella and Property Facultative facilities. We also deliver integrated point-of-sale underwriting capabilities and growth analysis. With Guy Carpenter’s Rating Advisory team, our practice will provide guidance and solutions that address all A.M. Best and BCAR-related issues now facing clients.

    To learn more about how the Guy Carpenter E&S Specialty Practice is uniquely positioned to provide E&S insurers with the strategic advice they need to reach their full growth and profit potential, please contact:

    • William M. Allen
      Executive Vice President
      Excess & Surplus Specialty Chairman
      P: +404.926.1801
      E: William.M.Allen
    • Garrick Smith
      Managing Director &
      E&S - U.S. Sales Leader
      P: +336.585.1594
      E: Garrick.Smith
    • Laura Hewitt, CPCU
      Managing Director, Casualty
      P: +404.926.1806
      E: Laura.Hewitt
    • Michael Flagg
      Managing Director, Property
      P: +617.424.3941
      E: Michael.Flagg
  • General Liability, Umbrella & Casualty Clash

    Guy Carpenter’s Casualty team possesses the technical sophistication and market savvy to create value for our clients wherever they choose to do business.

    Guy Carpenter has a profound understanding of how different casualty lines and markets behave. We equip our clients with both the granular knowledge and strategic insights they need to manage capital and achieve profitable growth. Our broking and actuarial specialists are the most technically proficient in the field, with unmatched success in structuring complex casualty transactions. We can provide:

    • Market information to help evaluate emerging risks and opportunities
    • Aid to clients in restructuring their portfolios
    • Subject Matter Experts that provide market and regulatory intelligence
    • Reinsurance solutions across a wide array of products – GL, AL, Motor Liability, Auto Carve Out, Excess, Umbrella, Environmental, International Primary and Excess Liability
    • Market leading analytics to ensure sophisticated management of casualty portfolios

    To learn more about how our Casualty specialists can help you realize your business goals, please contact:

    • Carolyn Morley
      Managing Director
      International Casualty Leader
      P: +44.20.7357.2733
      E: Carolyn.Morley
    • Thomas Herde
      Managing Director
      Head of Casualty Specialty Practice Asia Pac
      P: +44.20.7357.1511
      E: Thomas.Herde
    • Emil Metropoulos
      Senior Vice President
      Primary, Clash & Regional Casualty
      P: +
      E: Emil.Metropoulos
    • Lee Dowgiewicz
      Senior Vice President
      Local, Regional & Facilities Liability
      P: +1.215.864.3767
      E: Lee.T.Dowgiewicz
    • Bill Godfrey
      Managing Director
      P: +1. 617.424.3937
      E: William.C.Godfrey
  • Healthcare & Life

    Guy Carpenter’s Healthcare & Life Specialty team offers superior market knowledge and technical resources that have proven to be of tremendous value to our clients.

    The U.S. healthcare insurance environment is undergoing rapid and profound change. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act will subject payers and providers to a variety of new exposures and market challenges. New healthcare delivery models are also in vogue in an effort to coordinate care, improve quality, and reduce costs. Are you prepared for these developments?

    With the lines between coverages converging and new exposures emerging, Guy Carpenter’s Healthcare & Life Specialty Practice is singularly focused on this evolving and specialized market, and is committed to offering clients seamless and innovative coverage solutions across the health, healthcare, life and accident continuum.

    -Healthcare provider roles have been redefined, with coverage lines being blurred as they begin to assume financial risk as reimbursements shift from volume-based, to quality of care and pay for performance

    -Medical insurers are facing unprecedented changes, as they deal with shifting insured populations, rate compression and potential anti-selection

    -Specialty benefits insurers are reacting to tremendous potential changes in how benefits are sold and distributed to insured groups, schools, associations and consumers

    -Disability and Life insurers are facing increased competition and pressure on margins while exploring emerging products and new distribution channels including private exchanges

    We support all of our clients with world-class experts in the many risks that drive their business results. Our solutions, together with the world’s most advanced analytics, help clients face a rapidly changing risk landscape with confidence.

    Click here to access the most recent HealthCare & Life briefings.

    To learn more about how we can individualize and localize solutions so efficiently, please contact:

    • Steve Underdal, JD, CPCU, ARe, RPLU
      Co-Specialty Leader, Healthcare
      P: +1.952.820.1030
      E: Steve.Underdal
    • David Rains
      Specialty Co-Leader, Healthcare
      P: +1.215.864.3600
      E: David.A.Rains
    • Shaun Scade
      London Markets
      P: +44.20.357.2398
      E: Shaun.Scade
    • Phillip Barker
      Medical Payor
      P: +1.206.621.2997
      E: Phillip.I.Barker
    • Gary Bischel
      Medical Provider
      P: +1.952.832.2143
      E: Gary.Bischel
    • Jeff Babino
      South Portland
      P: +1.207.650.7405
      E: Jeff.Babino
    • John Galbraith
      Group Life
      P: +1.973.285.7946
      E: John.C.Galbraith
    • Dean Kidd
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3367
      E: Dean.Kidd
  • Housing Finance & Mortgage Credit

    After the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 mortgage insurers (MIs) and government entities assumed significant financial losses. As global housing markets returned to a sounder financial footing, underwriting conditions tightened, new MI carriers entered the market and alternative mechanisms for credit risk transfer became increasingly prevalent. At the same time, government entities are transferring tens of billions of dollars in credit risk to the capital and re/insurance markets to share credit risk.

    Specialized Expertise
    Prudent credit risk transfer and solvency management are essential in the home financing market. The Guy Carpenter Mortgage Credit Specialty Practice helps MIs and governmental entities manage their mortgage credit risk, which contributes to the long-term stability of the market and economy. Drawing on resources from across Guy Carpenter and the Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC), we offer significant expertise in residential mortgage and other credit risk to our clients. This includes the resources of MMC operating company Oliver Wyman, which was engaged by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to develop a new Mortgage Insurance risk-based capital model for use in the U.S.

    The Mortgage Credit Specialty Practices solutions help MIs meet evolving risk, regulatory and economic capital requirements. Including:

    • Structuring, pricing and evaluation of reinsurance and other credit risk transfer mechanisms
    • Providing strategic advice on the optimal capital structure necessary to meet both internal hurdles and regulatory solvency metrics
    • Benchmarking and peer analysis - Informed by our extensive market knowledge

    Leading the Market
    In the wake of the financial crisis, Guy Carpenter has established itself as a leader in this evolving market. Since 2008, professionals comprising the Mortgage Credit Specialty:

    • Led the development of the MI reinsurance market, which now includes 36 active MI reinsurers with more taking an interest in the market
    • Placed over $4.5 billion in capacity across 9 countries since the financial crisis
    • Transacted the first PMIERs-compliant capital reinsurance solution within 90 days of its release
    • Developed strong trading relationships with the key lead quoting reinsurers and their management teams
    • Pioneered new placement methods that change the quoting landscape including GC ReBID®, a transparent, real-time auction platform

    Mortgage Analytics
    Analytics sit at the center of our client solutions, informing both immediate and far-reaching decisions in risk management, capital and business strategy. With expertise in all major global housing finance markets, the Mortgage Analytics team helps clients take advantage of opportunities and address their most pressing challenges.

    We utilize both third party and proprietary models to assess mortgage portfolios:

    • Fully probabilistic multi-year loss and payout assessments and reinsurance pricing models to assess proportional and non-proportional (re)insurance transactions
    • Scenario analysis for stressing home prices, default rates, prepayments, interest rates and loss severity
    • Multiple modeling platforms allow numerous viewpoints on each transaction
    • Determination of optimal capital mix of equity, debt, reinsurance and capital market offerings*
    • Design reinsurance programs to address regulatory, economic capital and other capital management frameworks
    • Data and accumulation mapping - scenario analysis of localized housing downturns
    • Portfolio and book year loss analysis
    • Independent credit risk assessment
    • Risk aggregation models
    • Risk distribution and risk transfer analysis

    To learn more about how Guy Carpenter's Mortgage Credit Specialty Practice can help you meet your objectives, please contact one of the specialists below:

  • Marine & Energy

    Guy Carpenter’s Marine and Energy specialty group offers clients an integrated global platform, for more options, more control – and a clearer picture of their business.

    Guy Carpenter delivers innovative solutions for all proportional and non-proportional treaties across the Marine & Energy sector. Our global analytical platform enables us to quantify the performance of different solutions across all classes and territories, and measure them against specific business metrics. This analytic consistency helps clients predict portfolio performance with confidence, including assessment of accumulated exposures.

    Account and claims management are entirely in-house: Your business never leaves our hands. Tight integration ensures that the full weight of Guy Carpenter is brought to bear should any issues arise. The practice is organized by operating regions: UK Marine, placing London Market Excess Loss (LMX) and global retro; US Marine, responsible for our U.S. clients; and International, placing business emanating from Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Caribbean and Canada. Although diverse geographically, the practice is run as one global unit.

    To learn more about the advantages of an integrated global approach, please contact:

    • James Summers
      Managing Director
      Head of Global Marine & Energy
      P: +44.20.7357.1924
      E: James.Summers
    • Martin Pepper
      Managing Director
      Head of U.K. Marine & Energy
      P: +44.20.7357.2255
      E: Martin.Pepper
    • Ian Wilson
      Managing Director
      Head of International Marine & Energy
      P: +44.20.7357.2456
      E: Ian.F.Wilson
    • Scott Price
      Managing Director
      Head of U.S. Marine & Energy
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3435
      E: Scott.Price
    • Graham Devlin
      Managing Director
      COO, Global Marine & Energy
      P: +44.20.7357.1843
      E: Graham.Devlin
    • Richard Hakes
      Senior Vice President
      P: +65.6922.1938
      E: Richard.Hakes
  • MGA Solutions

    Guy Carpenter’s MGA Solutions Specialty Practice is designed to assist in the development of new and existing MGA opportunities.

    Our unique process allows us to define and market the tailored program globally to issuing carriers and reinsurers.  MGA Solutions employs its long-term relationships with insurance companies who have program operations in this growing and vibrant marketplace.  We work alongside all our specialty practices to bring some of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals to the MGA marketplace.

    We also assist MGA clients with a wide variety of program-related information and access to specialty services, highlighted below

    • Program leads
    • Assistance with the carrier selection process
    • Participation as an advisdor in client meetings and prospect visits
    • Specialty Program issuing carrier intelligence
    • White Papers
    • Access to Specialty Program service providers
    • Specialty Program reinsurance market intelligence
    • Input on Specialty Program structures
    • Banking/Investment/Merger & Acquisition services
    • Present Guy Carpenter’s global MGA marketplace view

    To learn more about how our innovations can assist in the development of new and existing MGA opportunities, please contact: 

  • Mutual Company Specialty

    Guy Carpenter’s Mutual Company Specialty is a team of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to helping mutual company clients protect capital, support profitable growth, and maximize financial results.

    Mutual insurers can benefit from Guy Carpenter’s unmatched services and long-term commitment to this market. We help our clients consider innovative reinsurance alternatives and obtain the most efficient reinsurance program. Additionally, we have the expertise to help our clients maximize results, manage their portfolios, develop new products, identify valuable opportunities in new lines and territories, manage rating agency and regulatory relationships, and expand their producer network into new geographic regions.

    Mutual insurance companies are encountering a more competitive marketplace as they work to improve results while at that the same time seeking to expand their businesses. In an evolving market, Guy Carpenter is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the strategic advice they need to reach their full growth and profit potential. Our product offering for mutual insurance companies ranges from our Regional Account Program (RAP) and Umbrella and Property Facultative Facilities to unique tools such as “Point-of-Sale,” BenchmaRQ®, Market Entry, and Rating Agency Advisory.

    To learn more about Guy Carpenter’s hands-on, collaborative approach to helping mutual companies, please contact:

    • Jay Woods
      Managing Director
      Mutual Company Chairman
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3357
      E: Jay.Woods
    • Rob Collins
      Managing Director
      P: +
      E: Rob.Collins
    • Brian Fischer, ACAS
      Managing Director
      P: +1.215.864.3893
      E: Brian.Fischer
    • David Domino
      Managing Director
      P: +1.215 864.3760
      E: David.Domino
    • Derek Wortman
      Managing Director
      P: +1.952.832.2110
      E: Derek.Wortman
    • Christopher J. Moresco
      Managing Director
      P: +1.215.864.3627
      E: Chris.Moresco
    • Jack Snyder
      Managing Director
      P: +1.973.285.7919
      E: Jack.Snyder
    • David Thomas
      Managing Director
      P: +1.215.864.3631
      E: David.A.Thomas
    • Peter Curry
      Managing Director
      P: +1.952.832.2233
      E: Peter.Curry
    • Charlene M. Cass
      Senior Vice President
      P: +
      E: Charlene.M.Cass
    • Mark Murray
      Senior Vice President
      P: +1.215.864.3630
      E: Mark.J.Murray
  • Professional & Management Liability

    Guy Carpenter’s Professional & Management Liability Specialty team is helping clients achieve profitable growth in a crowded marketplace – and new growth in evolving areas like cyber insurance.

    Guy Carpenter’s institutional leadership in critical disciplines – analytics, business intelligence, technology and cyber risk – helps our clients innovate in increasingly competitive markets. A deeper, more comprehensive view of market dynamics helps Guy Carpenter clients gain competitive advantage in D&O, E&O, cyber, and whole account solutions. Business-specific actuarial models and access to the industry’s leading database of loss and rating information enable more confident portfolio analysis in a dynamic environment.

    By way of example, our LEAD® Public Directors & Officers liability model is the best available and helps clients with both risk selection and portfolio management.

    A dedicated team within our practice can help you assess exposures in cyber security and privacy breaches. As no other organization, Guy Carpenter understands the Cloud’s risks for insureds – and its opportunities for carriers.

    To learn more about how Guy Carpenter can help you build competitive advantage, please contact:

    • Christopher Ross
      U.S. Specialty Leader
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3242
      E: Christopher.M.Ross
    • Carolyn Morley
      Specialty Leader
      London/International Professional Liability
      P: +44.20.7357.2733
      E: Carolyn.Morley
    • Jonathan Greaker
      Errors & Omissions
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3197
      E: Jonathan.Greaker
    • Jeremy Platt
      Cyber Liability Leader
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3002
      E: Jeremy.S.Platt
  • Property

    The Property Specialty focuses Guy Carpenter’s global resources and knowledge base coupled with local property expertise to deliver superior results for our clients.

    The Property team integrates risk management and advisory services across the full range of risk transfer solutions, including insurance-linked securities, collateralized solutions and index products as well as traditional reinsurance placements. In-market teams in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific tailor innovative local solutions, drawing on industry-leading business intelligence and quantitative modeling tools. Guy Carpenter’s ability to analyze the enormous volume of property transactions around the world is a business advantage for our clients wherever they choose to do business.

    Guy Carpenter’s deep technical expertise assists clients with benchmarking, peer analysis, structuring, pricing, model variance analysis, portfolio management and tool development.

    Guy Carpenter clients benefit from the industry’s most advanced market assessment process and specialized expertise in critical disciplines, including industrial risk, commercial risk, excess and surplus lines, direct and facultative reinsurance, and residential exposures. We are also the world’s leading government pools intermediary, applying this global expertise to directly benefit our government pools clients as well as quantifying the impact these entities can have on the broader marketplace.

    To learn how we can help you achieve profitable growth in key classes of business in virtually any market, please contact:        

    • Lara Mowery
      Head of Global Property Specialty
      P: +1.952.832.2104
      E: Lara.A.Mowery
    • David Duffy
      Co-Head, Americas Property Specialty
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3080
      E: David.L.Duffy
    • Christopher Royse
      Co-Head, Americas Property Specialty
      P: +1.973.285.7975
      E: Christopher.Royse 
    • Jamie Cook
      Head of Asia-Pacific Property Specialty
      P: +44.20.7357.3148
      E: Jamie.P.Cook
  • Public Sector

    Guy Carpenter’s Public Sector Specialty Practice is a global unit focused exclusively on the unique risk management needs of government entities. The Practice was created to address the issue of unfunded liabilities by delivering reinsurance and capital market solutions and supporting risk analytics that focus on this gap for governments and other public entities.

    Guy Carpenter’s broad global experience makes it uniquely positioned to help governments and other public entities find innovative solutions to unfunded liabilities. Guy Carpenter has the expertise and tools to identify, quantify and help predict the magnitude of risk different parties take whether they are reinsurers, consumers, governments or the financial markets.

  • Retrocessional

    Guy Carpenter’s Retrocessional Specialty helps insurance and reinsurance companies to manage accumulated exposures with innovative solutions. Our focus is to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives by maximizing the efficiency of their reinsurance structures.

    Our embedded intelligence capability provides a 360º view of markets, product structures, benchmarking and pricing dynamics. Actuaries and catastrophe modelers work within the reinsurance broking team, utilizing one-of-a-kind software tools that integrate risk and capital modeling – concentrating expertise for our clients and accelerating reaction time.

    The ability to model complex deals quickly helps Guy Carpenter clients evaluate multi-class, aggregate coverage and other bespoke structures with confidence.

    To learn more about how our innovations can deliver new capacity at better prices, please contact: 

    • James Boyce
      CEO Global Specialties
      P: +44.20.7357.2631
      E: James.Boyce
    • Barry Law
      Head of ILW Practice
      P: +44.207.357.1000
      E: Barry.Law
    • Richard Morgan
      Head of Non-Marine Specialties
      P: +44.20.7357.2346
      E: Richard.Morgan
    • John Fletcher
      Chairman of Bermuda operations
      E: John.E.Fletcher
    • Andrew MacKinnon
      Managing Director
      E: Andrew.MacKinnon
    • John Ogilvie
      Head of Retrocession
      E: Jonathan.Ogilvie
    • Kevin Fisher
      Chairman, GC UK and Global Specialties
      E: Kevin.Fisher
    • Colin Kiddie
      Chairman – Global Specialty
      E: Colin.Kiddie
  • Structured Solutions

    Guy Carpenter’s Structured Solutions Specialty team has the technical expertise to deliver unique solutions – and the sophistication to optimize their value on your balance sheet.

    New financial instruments have expanded the toolkit for innovative risk transfer solutions. The team analyzes risk, structures/designs transactions and quantifies the impact of the solution on your company’s financial statements and capital models such as the AM Best BCAR model and the NAIC RBC model. The modeling we perform helps you determine the optimal solution to achieve your financial motivation and remain within your risk tolerance thresholds.

    We help our clients secure optimal terms and conditions on quota shares, stop loss treaties, loss portfolio transfers, adverse development covers, single and multi-year excess of loss covers and a host of other vehicles. The team has designed structured risk contracts to achieve goals including but not limited to capital optimization, reduced uncertainty in insurance underwriting results, mitigation of earnings volatility, company experience based pricing, management of increased retentions, addressing changes/gaps in underlying reinsurance, providing reserve protection, and achievement of capital and rating agency objectives. The team coalesces the combined resources of Guy Carpenter to provide the best advice and solutions. For example, we work with our rating agency advisory group to ensure that every transaction meets the particular challenge at hand and long-term capital goals.

    To learn more about how we can help you optimize success in a dynamic financial and regulatory environment, please contact:

    • Michelle Harnick, FCAS
      Specialty Leader
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3125
      E: Michelle.L.Harnick
    • Priyantha L. Perera, Ph.D., ASA
      Senior Vice President
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3254
      E: Priyantha.L.Perera
  • Surety & Fidelity

    Guy Carpenter’s Surety and Fidelity Specialty team can help you see more deeply into the drivers of profitability and risk in your portfolio to improve performance.

    Actuaries who specialize in surety full time and the industry’s premier exposure modeling tools help Guy Carpenter clients minimize risk and maximize returns in global reinsurance and capital markets. Our actuaries work directly with reinsurers to design innovative programs that create competitive advantage for clients.

    Uniquely among intermediaries, our broking team has extensive underwriting experience at both the primary and reinsurance levels of the business: A better understanding of our clients’ business goals enables us to engineer solutions that are strategic as well as cost-efficient. We provide our clients with timely analysis of economic trends operating in the surety industry, exhaustive market intelligence, and peer comparison studies that help them navigate a dynamic environment.

    To learn more about what the world’s leading surety team can do for your portfolio, please contact:

    • Eric Van Elkan
      Specialty Co-Leader
      P: +1.205.870.4950
      E: Eric.Van.Elkan
    • Ken Farricker
      Senior Vice President
      P: +1.973.285.7903
      E: Kenneth.M.Farricker
    • Vimal Patel
      Senior Vice President
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3039
      E: Vimal.Patel
    • Michael R. Parker
      Managing Director
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3103
      E: Michael.Parker
  • Terrorism

    Guy Carpenter’s Terrorism Specialty practice helps clients stay ahead in an arena where the risks mutate and coverage solutions often cross lines of business.

    Guy Carpenter offers the industry’s most advanced web-based platform to help clients quantify and manage their terrorism risks. Thematically shaded maps and satellite imagery, along with easy-to-understand reports provide detailed accumulation information within a user-defined geographic range, including:

    Cluster accumulation: total exposures within geographic areas

    Portfolio accumulation: top portfolio accumulations at different radii from an event

    Terror accumulations: portfolio terror for all targets by total exposure and zone

    Terror target by zone accumulation for global portfolios, using target data from Exclusive Analysis, RMS and Guy Carpenter compiled databases.

    The terror practice draws on expertise from Guy Carpenter specialists in property, workers compensation, accident and health, cyber risk and others as needed to tailor comprehensive terror and political violence solutions for our clients. In the United States, we are helping clients structure and secure the largest amount of available terrorism reinsurance capacity to help withstand any potential changes to TRIPRA (Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act).

    To learn more about evolving terror and political violence risks and state-of-the-art solutions, please contact:

    • Emil Metropoulos
      Senior Vice President
      P: +
      E: Emil.Metropoulos
    • Ellie Rieder
      Managing Director
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3237
      E: Ellen.Rieder
    • Edward Sweeney
      Managing Director
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3130
      E: Edward.A.Sweeney
  • Workers Compensation

    Guy Carpenter’s Workers Compensation Specialty practice makes data more useful to help clients fine-tune underwriting and portfolio management decisions.

    Guy Carpenter aggregates data from every significant market, providing clients with current conditions, market dynamics and pricing trends to inform capital strategies, structures and placement. We place pro-rata/surplus relief, working and catastrophe layer reinsurance, and continuously develop new capacity and one-of-a-kind solutions for our clients. Sophisticated analytics benchmark the performance of traditional and alternative capital structures. We also assist clients with workers compensation-related information technology needs and claims/underwriting audits.

    Advanced modeling and quantitative tools make it easier for Guy Carpenter clients to implement comprehensive accumulation management strategies. Our web-based risk management platform integrates data management and risk modeling. Sophisticated analyses, spatial technology and satellite imagery enable clients to instantly convert massive amounts of data into actionable information to make the better-informed portfolio decisions from binding a risk to identifying possible claims.

    To learn how our global reach and world-class analytics can help you achieve more profitable growth, please contact:

    • John Shea
      Executive Vice President
      P: +1.860.269.6970
      E: John.Shea
    • Josh Porter
      Executive Vice President
      P: +1.215.309.4541
      E: Josh.Porter
    • Chuck Furlong
      Executive Vice President
      P: +1.212.510.1813
      E: Chuck.Furlong
    • Emil Metropoulos
      Workers Compensation & Terrorism Specialty Practice Leader
      P: +
      E: Emil.Metropoulos
    • Hal Collins
      Senior Vice President
      P: +1.206.621.2478
      E: Hal.Collins
    • Danny Kriss
      Senior Vice President
      P: +1.336.585.1532
      E: Daniel.Kriss


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