How can we help you meet your goals and prosper in the face of a world full of ever-evolving challenges?

Today’s complex business environment presents extraordinary challenges to business leaders. The risk, capital, strategy and data-driven analytic facets of today’s issues are increasingly intertwined.

Guy Carpenter helps clients develop tailored reinsurance covers that effectively and efficiently match the right capital with their evolving risk profiles. Our broking and analytical teams provide insights using Guy Carpenter’s tailored solutions and our best strategic advisory services.

At Guy Carpenter, we are experts in helping you anticipate and navigate an ever-changing marketplace. We will work to understand your broad financial landscape before making recommendations for a specific solution. Innovation, trusted relationships, leading with our people and our collaborative approach are the four pillars that enable us to bring value to clients and provide them with unparalleled service since 1922. Guy Carpenter is able to bring the power of Marsh & McLennan to bear as we leverage the expertise of Marsh, Oliver Wyman and Mercer in deriving opportunity from challenges to drive profitable growth.

Our Centers of Excellence and Segments:

Our specialists equip their clients with a business edge that goes beyond best pricing in the reinsurance market. Line-of-business experts deliver deep market knowledge and efficient transactions in every relevant geography to provide clients with an enduring competitive advantage.

No segment or center of excellence is an island. They consolidate the experience and the data we have gathered in a multitude of engagements in each line of business. This concentration of knowledge assets drives innovation: Most segments and centers of excellence have developed unique analytic solutions that equip our clients with competitive advantage.

When you call, you get us. All our claims and accounting activities are in house, overseen by a dedicated team that maintains continuity from introductions through settlement.

Read more about Guy Carpenter’s Centers of Excellence and Segments below to get more detail on the services they provide and reach out to learn more:

Guy Carpenter Centers of Excellence and Segments:

  • Accident & Health

    The focused growth of our Accident & Health segment has significantly increased our market presence allowing us to develop strong relationships with reinsurers. Our multi-disciplinary product knowledge and depth of our reinsurance and insurance experience create a powerful combination that enables innovative solutions to client challenges.

    Our analytical support is unique in that we dig deep to identify claim patterns, anomalies, or business changes that would cause future experience to look different than a simple trended claim analysis would indicate. Combining our thorough analysis with an understanding of your goals, we develop the “story” behind your reinsurance placement and help you view your program through the lens of the markets. We simplify the complex evaluation of structure and pricing options, using our proprietary models and metrics, to assist your selection of the optimal reinsurance program.

    With focus areas in:

    Medical Risk: We take a holistic approach to evaluating our client, and can help you incorporate best practices and emerging trends into your medical risk plan. We meet risk across the continuum of medical markets – Commercial Fully Insured, Medicare/Medicaid, Employer Stop Loss, and Individual. Our depth of expertise allows us to support a wide range of risk takers, including Health Plans, HMOs, Employer or Provider Captives, ACOs, MGUs, and Provider Groups confidently finance their risk. Grounded in analytics and supported by dedicated health actuaries, our team develops and executes risk financing strategies focused on underwriting volatility reduction, surplus protection, and capital optimization.

    Group Benefits: You can navigate the changing risk landscape with confidence with Guy Carpenter/Smith Group as your strategic partners. Together, we are widely regarded as the foremost experts in these products and their reinsurance, providing clients with assistance on matters actuarial, underwriting and claims management. Our seasoned professionals with extensive insurance and reinsurance expertise will help you meet emerging challenges as your group insurance business evolves.

    Specialty: Whether you are a carrier entering a new segment, an MGU expanding their product portfolio or an agent looking for innovative distribution platforms, Guy Carpenter’s Specialty team can help you forge partnerships for growth.  From Accident to Healthcare, our team of experts will help you navigate the complex ecosystem of delivery linking capital, risk, and consumers.


    • David Rains, Practice Lead
      P: 215-864-3786 | M: 704-957-5344|
    • Matt Desfosses, Group Benefits
      P: 203-229-8804 | M:475-266-6225|
    • Ryan Keith, Medical Insurers
      P: 206-621-2941|M: 206-909-3422|
    • Dennis Arizin, Employer Stop Loss
      P: 215-864-3635 | M: 267-253-8221|
    • Gary Bischel, Benefits Captives
      P: 952-832-2143 | M: 651-202-5621|
    • Timothy Pollis, Healthcare Provider Risk
      P: 952-820-1011| M: 612-413-2689|
    • Phillip Barker, Risk-Based Capital
      P:206-621-2997 | M: 206-849-0398|
    • Tae Kim, Specialty and Programs
      P: 215 864 3713 | M: 215 910 0608|
    • Shaun Scade|EMEA
      P: +44 (0)20 7357 2398
    • Andrew Perkins|EMEA
      P: +44 (0)20 7357 5524
  • Agriculture

    Guy Carpenter’s Agriculture Specialty practice develops comprehensive reinsurance solutions for agriculture risks worldwide, helping clients quantify exposures and manage portfolios for profitability.

     The practice includes coverage for growing crops, forestry and plantations, livestock and animal mortality and related enterprises. The susceptibility of crops to weather and price-related risks calls for sophisticated modeling solutions. In addition to quantifying risks from a reinsurance perspective for clients, Guy Carpenter also assists clients with underwriting and pricing tools that help maximize the profitability of their primary portfolios. Where models are insufficient, we have developed our own, including a proprietary fund allocation model and an intra-season predictive model for the United States and yield loss risk models for China and India.

    The Agriculture specialty is also actively involved in collaborating with academic institutions to develop innovative and efficient risk transfer tools for the farming community worldwide.

    Guy Carpenter’s tool suite enables us to estimate losses for agriculture books of business, and model risks in creative ways, which in turn enables the development of better reinsurance solutions for our clients.

    To learn how we can help you improve the performance of your agriculture portfolio, please contact:

    • Ralph Bone
      Global & US Specialty Leader
      P: +1.952.920.3300
      E: G.Bone
    • Canada
      Joseph Brandonisio
      Managing Director
      E: Brandonisio
    • Asia Pacific
      Rob Solloway
      P: +64 21 940971
  • Aviation and Aerospace

    Aviation Reinsurance

    The aviation industry has seen significant expansion over the last 20 years; Airlines, Aircraft Manufacturers and Service Providers require increasingly larger limits of liability. In addition, pandemics and natural perils are having a progressively greater influence on global aviation.  In 2020, against an already challenging background, COVID-19 had a huge impact on the Aviation industry leaving many operators and service providers battling for survival.  For Aviation Insurers it introduced new risks to their portfolio, such as huge ground-risk accumulations.  While global recovery is underway, it will take time for this to reach the levels attained prior to COVID-19. 

    Aviation Reinsurance is critical in mitigating the volatility that Aviation Insurers face and choosing the correct Reinsurance Broker to navigate these challenges with is vital.  Guy Carpenter are the largest Broker in the class with most experienced Aviation Reinsurance team in the world. We use our scale, scope and specialisation to create reinsurance solutions for writers of Airlines, Aerospace, General Aviation, Hull War and Liability War Risks.  We reduce Insurers’ risk, whether by traditional proportional or non-proportional structures, selectively placing facultative reinsurance, or by alternative reinsurance tools. 


    In the same way Insurers need to manage their volatility, Reinsurers face the same challenges. Most buy Retrocession to protect catastrophe risk. At Guy Carpenter we have extensive expertise in this segment, and with market leading analytical tools it allows us to monitor reinsurers’ aggregates and design bespoke retrocessional solutions for them.

    Utilising traditional reinsurers and non – traditional (ILS) markets, we design and arrange both UNL coverage and ILW (insured loss warranty) products for a wide range of leading reinsurers.

    Our expertise goes beyond pure aviation based products and we work closely with colleagues in other specialty line divisions to provide multi class products which include Marine, Energy, Cyber, Terror, PA amongst other risks.

    Space Reinsurance

    Satellite Insurance has always been an exciting and cutting-edge business; however, it comes with its unique challenges.  It is a highly volatile class with a very limited number of Satellites & Constellations launched annually, but substantial risk associated, particularly during the launch phase.  In addition, manned space flight will herald new challenges for Insurers.  It is a highly specialized class with many underwriters having originally trained within the Space Industry before moving into the Insurance field. 

    Whether you are looking for portfolio management, specific launch, post separation or In Orbit coverage, the Guy Carpenter Space team has unrivalled experience and expertise.  Guy Carpenter are also the largest Broker within the Space reinsurance arena and can offer you bespoke reinsurance solutions whether Quota Share, Excess of Loss, Stop Loss or facultative placements.


    We represent the largest Global Insurers in the world in addition to regional or specialised Insurers.  Whatever the geography or segment, we combine in-depth knowledge with proprietary actuarial & analytic tools, to give unparalleled insights into our clients’ businesses; from strategy planning through to reinsurance program design and execution.  We challenge market boundaries and optimize reinsurance purchasing for our clients by ensuring our solutions are innovative, relevant, cost effective and deliverable. 

    Operating seamlessly between the team in London and our hub teams based in Singapore and Bermuda, we use our exceptional relationships with key insurers and reinsurers across the globe to support their goals.  To find out how we can work for you, please contact:

    • Ian Wrigglesworth
      Specialty Leader
      Aviation & Aerospace Practice
      P: +44.20.7357.5225
      E: Ian.C.Wrigglesworth
    • Charles Withers-Clarke
      Aviation & Aerospace Practice
      P: +1.(441).489.2295
      E: Charles.Withers-Clarke
    • Rupert Hunn
      Aviation & Aerospace Practice
      P: +65.6922.1988
      E: Rupert.Hunn
  • Captives

    Guy Carpenter’s Captive Segment is a team dedicated to developing tailored prospective and retroactive solutions for a diverse landscape of single-parent, group, and agency captives.

    With unique perspective on loss control and cost management, captive insurers can benefit from Guy Carpenter’s ability to:

    • Offer unbiased opinions of new captives’ risk profiles and loss potentials
    • Leverage market knowledge and analytics to ensure the best combination of broad coverage and efficient cost
    • Develop lasting relationships with reinsurance partners, providing a stable reinsurance backing
    • Model, benchmark and structure transactions eliminating legacy liabilities
    • Leverage Marsh & McLennan’s market leading insights and expertise
    • Maintain leading contract and accounting services to warrant the legal and regulatory elements of the contract are interpreted correctly

    Guy Carpenter has been committed to meeting the unique needs of our captive insurance companies for more than 20 years and continues to invest in people and innovative solutions to help our clients reach their growth, capital, and profit potential for years to come.

    Captive Contacts:

    • Rob Collins, Captive Segment Leader
      Managing Director
      P: +
      E: Arthur.R.Collins
    • Dan Meyer
      Managing Director, GC Facultative Solutions
      P: +1.917.937.3168
      E: Daniel.T.Meyer
    • Robert Reader
      Managing Director, Wildfire Solutions
      P: +1.949.614.0268
      E: Robert.Reader
    • David Allen
      Managing Director
      P: +1.215.864.3640
      E: David.Allen
    • Rich Koehler
      Managing Director
      P: +1.973.285.7927
      E: Rich.Koehler
    • Joseph Nardello
      Senior Vice President
      P: +1.215.864.3785
      E: Joseph.A.Nardello
    • Brandon O’Hara
      Senior Vice President, GC Analytics
      P: +1.215.864.3787
      E: Brandon.O'Hara
    • Erin Van Name
      Vice President
      P: +1.215.864.3841
      E: Erin.Van Name
    • Rick Hartmann III
      Vice President
      P: +1.215.864.3774
      E: Richard.Hartmann
    • Margaret McGuire
      Associate Broker
      P: +1.215.864.3680
      E: Margaret.McGuire
    • Ryan Duffield
      Broking Support
      P: +1.215.864.3621
      E: Ryan.Duffield
  • Construction / Engineering

    Guy Carpenter Global Engineering, Centre of Excellence, delivers smartly structured capacity for all classes of engineering and contractor’s risks, worldwide.

    Our trademark combination of fresh thinking and deep experience in every market has made our team a first choice for industry leaders around the world as well as new market entrants. Our London-based team builds both traditional and innovative solutions for single project and annual policy exposures. We place a full spectrum of global & regional treaty reinsurance programs, specifically tailored for each individual client, including excess of loss and proportional treaties in addition to facultative support when needed.

    Advanced engineering modeling tools (such as GC BuildUp®) and analytical skills provided through GC Analytics® have enabled us to develop an enhanced understanding of engineering and construction project risks over time. Exposure outputs from these tools can be utilized by catastrophe models and other financial tools to illuminate the impact that various reinsurance structures can have on underlying pricing, profitability, and risk.

    The team brings in excess of 100 years engineering experience with long and trusted reinsurer relationships. We utilize the latest big-data consolidation tools in order to enhance portfolio analysis, differentiate our clients programs and ensure optimum treaty pricing and coverage.

    To learn more about how our forward-looking solutions can work for you, please contact:

  • Credit, Bond, and Political Risk

    Guy Carpenter’s Credit, Bond and Political Risk practice is the Global leader in these classes with the largest team of reinsurance professionals in this area. Our team has extensive experience in these lines and contains team members with both Reinsurance and Insurance knowledge to enhance our ability to advise our clients.

    We currently have a large number of clients, including both private and public insurers/reinsurers across the following lines:

    • Political Risk
    • Trade Credit
    • Surety
    • Structured Trade Credit
    • Financial Guarantee
    • Mortgage Indemnity
    • Retrocession

    To enhance our offering to clients, we have formed an exclusive relationship with a leading Credit Industry Analytics company. We have developed our own tools to be easy to use and interpret allowing for detailed analysis of our client portfolios, reinsurance structure options, and numerous financial metrics. Our access to a large market database enhances our ability to analyze portfolios and peer review results. Following our work, a number of clients have licensed the same tool through our relationship.

    Our team operates a part of Guy Carpenters Global Specialty division, which comprises more than 230 colleagues operating across 40 product lines, including Aviation, Marine & Energy, and Retrocession. We also work closely with our International offices to ensure we can combined product knowledge and local expertise to deliver the best value to all clients. We also have the ability to exchange market information and intelligence with our colleagues at Marsh to ensure we are at the cutting edge of market development.

    • Ashley de Laroque - MD
      P: 0207 466 1317 | 07740 374 192
      E: Ashley.De-Laroque
    • David Edwards – MD
      P: 0207 466 5211 | 07384 430 886
      E: David.Edwards
    • Jakob Hansen – MD
      P: 0207 466 1339 | 07384 430 846
      E: Jakob.Hansen
    • Alistair Mcveigh – MD
      P: 0207 357 3081 | 07823 360 735
      E: Alistair.McVeigh
    • Stephen Balderston – MD
      P: 0207 466 1484 | 07384 456 821
      E: Stephen.Balderston
    • Seamus Kerr – SVP
      P: 0207 357 2884 | 07854 528 408
      E: Seamus.Kerr
    • Christian Shepherd – SVP
      P: 0207 886 5113 |07557 592 982
      E: Christian.Shepherd
  • Cyber Solutions

    Guy Carpenter’s Cyber Solutions Specialty team helps our clients position themselves for years of profitable growth in this relatively young market.

    Guy Carpenter’s global Cyber Center of Excellence is a dedicated team of brokers, product innovators and analytic experts advancing the role of cyber reinsurance and retrocession. Leveraging our global footprint and insights across the MMC network - Marsh, Oliver Wyman and Mercer - we offer our clients superior placement design, peer benchmarking analysis, market intelligence and industry transforming affirmative and silent cyber aggregation modeling.

    Guy Carpenter’s global team is committed to supporting our clients’ growth strategies and invested in further developing cyber risk transfer. The Cyber Center of Excellence continues to create technology-driven innovations for qualitative and quantitative capabilities for silent and affirmative cyber.

    In addition to continuing to grow our market share of cyber reinsurance, our recent accomplishments include structuring the first cyber parametric instrument, creating the first cyber product trigger for power outage and authoring a ground breaking industry loss study in collaboration with CyberCube Analytics exploring the economic impact of catastrophic cyber events.

    To learn more about how we can help you achieve profitable growth in this expanding arena, please contact:

    • Siobhan O'Brien
      Cyber Centre of Excellence
      P: +44.207.357.5593
      E: Siobhan.Obrien
    • Erica Davis
      Cyber Center of Excellence
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3040
      E: Erica.Davis
    • Thomas Herde
      Cyber Center of Excellence
      Asia Pacific
      P: +44.207.357.1511
      E: Thomas.Herde
    • Alice O’Dwyer - Smith
      Cyber Center of Excellence
      P: +44.207.357.1266
      E: Alice.O'Dwyer-Smith
    • Christopher Shafer
      Cyber Center of Excellence
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3423
      E: Christopher.Shafer
    • Peter Komposch
      Cyber Center of Excellence
      P: +1.441.489.2303
      E: Peter.Komposch
    • Chris Bennett
      Cyber Center of Excellence
      P: +44.207.466.1489
      E: Chris.Bennett
    • Ralph Caravello
      Cyber Center of Excellence
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3043
      E: Ralph.M.Caravello
    • Kirsten Eickstaedt
      Cyber Center of Excellence
      P: +
      E: Kirsten.Eickstaedt
    • Henry Sanderson
      Cyber Center of Excellence
      P: +44.207.466.1452
      E: Henry.Sanderson


    • Jamie Pocock
      International Head of Cyber Analytics
      P: +44.207.466.1452
      E: Jamie.Pocock
    • Zilan Shen
      US Cyber Analytics
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3390
      E: Zilan.Shen
    • Eddy Vanbeneden
      Head of Analytics Continental Europe
      P: +322.674.9811
      E: Eddy.Vanbeneden
    • Neil Sharma
      International Cyber Analytics
      P: +44.207.357.2986
      E: Neil.Sharma
    • Francesco Valentinuzzi
      US Cyber Analytics
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3379
      E: Francesco.Valentinuzzi
    • Michael Owen
      Asia Pacific Cyber Analytics
      P: +65.6922.1951
      E: Michael.G.Owen
  • EMEA Casualty

    Within EMEA, Guy Carpenter handles a wide range of Casualty business including Motor, Employers' Liability/Workers Compensation Act (EL/WCA), General Third Party Liability (GTP), Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers (D&O) as well as highly-specialized classes such as Environmental Insurance Liability (EIL), Cyber Liability, Warranty & Indemnity and Products Guarantee.

    Whatever the class of business, the teams at Guy Carpenter are consistent in providing clients with:

    • Focus on value (economic or regulatory)
    • Informed and meaningful modeling
    • Clear articulation of options and their implications
    • State-of-the-art technical advice
    • Wide-ranging and deep market knowledge

    Working with our clients in a collaborative way, we empower them to make optimal decisions for their business.

    Casualty business within EMEA is conducted in three teams:

    • Carolyn Morley
      Global Casualty
      P: +44.20.7357.2733
      E: Carolyn.Morley
  • Environmental Liability

    Guy Carpenter’s Environmental Liability specialty practice helps our clients succeed by reducing reinsurance costs, managing risks – and connecting with new customers.

    Customized solutions help Guy Carpenter clients differentiate themselves to reinsurers in a crowded marketplace, thereby realizing better pricing and terms. In addition to customized representation, Guy Carpenter is also innovating reinsurance design. For example,  our revolutionary reinsurance structure streamlines recoveries, reduces ceded premiums and expands the available reinsurance market for our clients.  An exclusive environmental loss database and powerful analytics allow us to model an expanding range of risks, providing clients with a deeper understanding of their portfolios – and possibilities.

    Guy Carpenter’s unique market knowledge is a potent asset for carriers entering the environmental field; and our client base provides a global platform for those seeking to grow. We routinely facilitate partnerships that help our clients round out their product offerings and reach potential new customers.

    To learn how our team’s unique experience can work for you, please contact:

    • Bill Godfrey
      Managing Director
      P: +1.617.424.3937
      E: William.C.Godfrey
    • David Allen
      Managing Director
      P: +1.215.864.3640
      E: David.Allen
  • GC Micro Risk Solutions

    Guy Carpenter is uniquely positioned to provide the expertise that the microinsurance market needs to grow and produce significant social returns for public entities – and financial returns for the (re)insurance industry. While microinsurance has social benefits, it also provides growth opportunities for the industry.

    Designing, developing and deploying innovative and inclusive risk transfer solutions that operate at scale. Guy Carpenter is committed to serving as the portal to the global risk and reinsurance marketplace for organizations serving low-income communities worldwide. By working intimately with a variety of public sector clients – including development banks, public entities and non-governmental organizations – GC Micro Risk Solutions® has developed a suite of products and services tailored to address social risk management problems in a commercially sustainable fashion. GC Analytics® applies the world’s most advanced catastrophe models and actuarial techniques to price and support placement of such risk through our global broker network.

    Tailored risk management solutions for MFI clients include traditional quota share and excess of loss reinsurance as well as bespoke parametric risk transfer structures. Past programs include:

    • Credit life and funeral microinsurer operating in southern Africa
    • Co-founding of a parametric catastrophe microinsurance company
    • Advisory services to design and place index-based insurance for smallholder dairy farmers in the Caribbean
    • Structured and placed index-based cotton insurance pilot via the Global Index Insurance Facility
    • South Asia health/life microinsurance scheme with quota share and aggregate stop loss reinsurance
    • Coastal natural catastrophe and sovereign-level risk transfer feasibility study in southern Africa

    Guy Carpenter’s role in microinsurance

    • Apply global expertise to solve local problems
    • Market building
    • Risk financing strategy development
    • Improve stability and sustainability of microinsurance operations
    • Develop and deploy new products

    To learn more please contact:

    • Thomas London
      New York
      P: +1 917 937 3231
      E: Thomas.London
    • Alex Bernhardt
      MMC Advantage
      P: +1 206 235 5465
      E: Alex.Bernhardt
  • General Liability, Umbrella & Casualty Clash


    The rise in demand in both mature and emerging markets has resulted in significant General Liability premium growth in recent years. Fast changing legal landscapes, new forms of ‘legal activism’ and a number of new and emerging risks pose a major challenge in terms of (re-)insurability. As a globally operating team, we at Guy Carpenter understand the economic, cultural, governmental and market conditions of local markets.

    Thanks to our extensive network, our clients have access to our global expertise enabling them to accomplish their goals:

    • Business Intelligence: Our ability to turn raw data into meaningful and useful information significantly impacts the business performance of our clients.
    • Risk Management: Having the latest Risk Management Tools at our disposal we analyse and structure reinsurance solutions across a wide array of Products-, General Liability, Motor Liability, Excess, Umbrella and Environmental Liability.
    • Successful Execution:Just because we have identified a reinsurance solution does not mean that we have delivered it. With strategic planning and execution we help our customers to achieve the desired business objectives.
    • Product Development:From concept development to implementation. We help our clients with every stage of the journey.


    • Carolyn Morley
      Managing Director
      International Casualty Leader
      P: +44.20.7357.2733
      E: Carolyn.Morley
    • Thomas Herde
      Managing Director
      Head of Casualty Specialty Practice Asia Pac
      P: +44.20.7357.1511
      E: Thomas.Herde
    • Emil Metropoulos
      Senior Vice President
      Primary, Clash & Regional Casualty
      P: +
      E: Emil.Metropoulos
    • Bill Godfrey
      Managing Director
      P: +1. 617.424.3937
      E: William.C.Godfrey
  • Healthcare/Medical Professional

    Healthcare/Medical Professional Liability

    Guy Carpenter is the leading reinsurance intermediary in the Healthcare arena, with over 70 worldwide clients that insure all classes of medical professional liability business. Our firm has the largest market share within the Medical Professional Liability Association (MPLA), Hospital Insurance Forum (HIF), Teaching Hospital, Commercial Carrier, Risk Retention Group and Captive spaces. Our worldwide footprint provides Guy Carpenter with unparalleled market influence with reinsurers. Our team is comprised of over 20 dedicated, multi-disciplined professionals within the US and UK that seamlessly represent the global healthcare market. We are the recognized industry leader in the development of new MPL reinsurance products and coverages, and this intellectual capital advantage allows us to provide our clients with superior reinsurance program design. Our expansive array of clients also affords us with the most comprehensive MPL database we can leverage on behalf of clients.

    Our team is supported by a dedicated group of actuaries and analytics professionals that specialize in healthcare and provide our clients with strategic insight. These experts, embedded within our broking teams, analyze trends, perform experience and exposure pricing analyses, and assist in our negotiations with reinsurers’ actuaries and underwriters on behalf of our clients. GC Analytics has also developed a comprehensive suite of actuarial tools and products unique to MPL that we provide as part of our client services package. In addition, Ratings Advisory services, Economic Capital Modeling and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) are some of the many resources available to our customers.

    Guy Carpenter is a recognized leader in affording our clients with unparalleled intellectual capital within the healthcare space:

    Guy Carpenter By State Analysis:  a state-by-state analysis of all MPL classes, including relevant statutes, frequency and severity metrics, and ILFs.

    Guy Carpenter Medical Professional Liability Networking Forum:  Our annual networking event for clients and key reinsurance partners.

    Biannual State of the Market Report: covers statistics and trends in the healthcare insurance and reinsurance markets.

    MPL Jury Verdicts Report:  quarterly summary of nationwide MPL jury verdicts over $10M and supporting analysis.

    Guy Carpenter Healthcare Newsletter:  weekly e-communication on relevant industry news and topics.

    COVID-19 Industry Reports and Updates: observations including updates as to state and federal immunities, coverage trends, and possible causes of loss.


    • Stephen M. Underdal
      Chairman of Global Healthcare
      P: 952-820-1030 | M: 952-250-9210
    • Todd Mockler
      Managing Director
      P: 952-820-2732 | M: 952-270-7201
    • Chip Ott
      Managing Director
      P: 612 444 7561 | M: 612 222 8433
    • Greg Bliss
      Managing Director
      P: 952-832-2142 | M: 203-524-2618
    • Randy Floden
      Senior Vice President
      P: 952 820 2737 | M: 952 334 5914
    • Nathan Buysse
      Senior Vice President
      P: 952 820 1038 | M: 507 828 4521
    • Michael Amatrudo
      Managing Director
      P: 917-937-3099 | M: 516-351-6920
    • Todd R. Burgener
      Managing Director
      P: 312-637-6129 | M: 847-970-8817
    • Timothy Bendall
      Vice President
      P: 215-309-4528 | M: 267-760-1496
    • Steve Halford
      Managing Director
      P: +44(0)20 7357 1264 | M: +44(0)7826 918769
  • Life & Annuity

    Guy Carpenter’s global Life & Annuity Reinsurance team helps our clients deliver on growth and changing risk strategies. Working with GC Securities and GC Strategic Advisory colleagues, we provide solutions for divesting underperforming business, increasing capital efficiency or leveraging new growth opportunities.

    Through our client advocacy and market reach, we deliver a wide range of traditional and ILS reinsurance capital, ensuring our clients are matched with the ideal risk counterparties to best achieve both short and long-term objectives. Solutions may include structured reinsurance, legacy block transfers, new business strain support, InsurTech recommendations, distribution partnerships, etc.

    In addition to advancing these strategies, we offer volatility protection for catastrophic claims, extreme mortality and longevity risks.

    Guy Carpenter’s global Life & Annuity Centre of Excellence is a dedicated team of brokers and product innovators advancing the role of life and annuity reinsurance as our clients’ needs evolve to meet the demands of today’s dynamic marketplace. Leveraging our global footprint and insights across the MMC network - Marsh, Oliver Wyman and Mercer - we offer our clients superior placement design, peer benchmarking analysis and market intelligence.

    Life & Annuity Reinsurance Contacts:

    • David Rains, Practice Lead
      P: +1.215-864-3786 | M:+1 704-957-5344|
      E: David.A.Rains
    • Dean Kidd ,US/Canada
      P: +1.917-937-3367 |M: +1 267 322 1096|
      E: Dean.Kidd
    • Isabelle Dartiguelongue – Europe (Paris)
      P: +33 (1) 56764803
      E: Isabelle.Dartiguelongue
    • Andrew Perkins – International (London)
      P: +44 (20) 73575524
      E: Andrew.Perkins
    • Carl Haughton – Europe (Madrid)
      P: +1.973.285.7927
      E: Carl.Haughton
    • Aldo Mendieta – LatAm (Mexico City)
      P: +52 (55) 39777692
      E: Aldo.Mendieta
    • Matthew Rose – AsiaPac (Hong Kong / Sydney)
      P: +61 (2) 88648513
      E: Matthew.Rose
  • Marine & Energy

    Guy Carpenter’s Marine and Energy Specialty group offers clients an integrated global platform, for more options, more control – and a clearer picture of their business.

    Guy Carpenter delivers innovative solutions for all proportional and non-proportional treaties across the Marine & Energy sector. Our global analytical platform enables us to quantify the performance of different solutions across all classes and territories, and measure them against specific business metrics. This analytic consistency helps clients predict portfolio performance with confidence, including assessment of accumulated exposures.

    Account and claims management are entirely in-house: Your business never leaves our hands. Tight integration ensures that the full weight of Guy Carpenter is brought to bear should any issues arise. The practice is organized by operating regions: UK Marine, placing London Market Excess Loss (LMX) and global retro; US Marine, responsible for our U.S. clients; and International, placing business emanating from Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Caribbean and Canada. Although diverse geographically, the practice is run as one global unit.

    To learn more about the advantages of an integrated global approach, please contact:

    • James Summers
      Head of Global Marine & Energy
      P: +44.20.7357.1924
      E: James.Summers
    • Nick Jay
      Deputy Head, Global Marine & Energy
      P: +44.20.7466.1313
      E: Nick.Jay
    • Robert Stocker
      Head of UK Marine & Energy
      P: +44.20.7357.2456
      E: Robert.Stocker
    • Richard Hakes
      Head of International Marine & Energy
      P: +44.20.7357.1141
      E: Richard.Hakes
    • Scott Price
      Head of U.S. Marine & Energy
      P: +1.917.937.3435
      E: Scott.Price
    • Demian Smith
      Head of Mutual, Agency and Captive Reinsurance Solutions
      P: +44.20.7357.5864
      E: Demian.Smith
    • Graham Devlin
      COO, Global Marine & Energy
      P: +44.20.7357.1843
      E: Graham.Devlin
  • MGA Solutions

    Guy Carpenter’s MGA Solutions Specialty Practice is designed to assist in the development of new and existing MGA opportunities.

    Our unique process allows us to define and market the tailored program globally to issuing carriers and reinsurers.  MGA Solutions employs its long-term relationships with insurance companies who have program operations in this growing and vibrant marketplace.  We work alongside all our specialty practices to bring some of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals to the MGA marketplace.

    We also assist MGA clients with a wide variety of program-related information and access to specialty services, highlighted below

    • Program leads
    • Assistance with the carrier selection process
    • Participation as an advisdor in client meetings and prospect visits
    • Specialty Program issuing carrier intelligence
    • White Papers
    • Access to Specialty Program service providers
    • Specialty Program reinsurance market intelligence
    • Input on Specialty Program structures
    • Banking/Investment/Merger & Acquisition services
    • Present Guy Carpenter’s global MGA marketplace view

    To learn more about how our innovations can assist in the development of new and existing MGA opportunities, please contact: 

  • Mortgage Credit

    Mortgage and Specialty Credit Segment

    Introduced in 2013, the Government Sponsored Entity (GSE) Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) program has been a tremendous success and has represented an entry point for many globally diversified reinsurers to participate in a new class of credit business with limited correlation to traditional property and casualty lines. The program has grown rapidly since inception with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the “GSEs”, transferring billions of dollars of risk to the capital and reinsurance markets every year despite recent changes made to the Enterprise Capital Rule Framework under the prior Administration.  Under the current Administration, CRT will likely evolve further.  However, one thing remains certain: CRT is here to stay and has applications in mortgage insurance, banking and broader credit arenas.  

    Guy Carpenter will remain at the center of the CRT evolution and continue to bring innovation and thought leadership to the credit risk transfer sector. As reinsurers seek to grow, profitably, credit risk transferrepresents one of the most compelling value propositions in today’s market.

    Our team assists in the process of helping insurers and reinsurers explore the opportunity set that exists within the credit risk transfer market. Investigating a new class of business and developing a business case can be an overwhelming proposition and the Guy Carpenter team will be with you each step of the way. From signing non-disclosure agreements to reviewing past submissions and data sets, our dedicated team can:

    • Walk you through the latest analytics being used to evaluate credit risk
    • Compare reinsurance market pricing to equivalent capital market pricing
    • Quantify the diversity benefits of mortgage credit
    • Estimate the capital benefits and ratings agency implications
    • Select opportunities that match your risk and return profile and appetite
    • Make introductions to the MGUs and actuarial consulting firms that counsel (re)insurers in the mortgage sector.
    • As you explore ways to grow profitably, let our dedicated team members introduce you to this excellent opportunity.

    Mortgage and Specialty Credit Segment Key Contacts:

    • Jeffrey N. Krohn, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, ARe, Managing Director, Global Mortgage Credit Segment Leader
      P: +1 (215) 864 3623 | M: +1 (267) 408 1787|
      E: Jeffrey N.Krohn
    • Americas
      Tim Armstrong, Managing Director
      P: +1 (215) 864 3711| M: +1 (703) 999 9285
      E:Tomothy Armstrong
    • Europe
      David Finlay, Managing Director
      P: + 44 (0)207 357 2329 | M: + 44 7961 345615 |
      E: David Finlay
    • Australia
      Geoff Medniuk, Managing Director
      P: +61 2 8864 8518 | M: +61 4 0583 4156 |
      E: Geoff Medniuk
  • Mutual Company Specialty

    Guy Carpenter’s Mutual Company Specialty is a team of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to helping mutual company clients protect capital, support profitable growth, and maximize financial results.

    Mutual insurers can benefit from Guy Carpenter’s unmatched services and long-term commitment to this market. We help our clients consider innovative reinsurance alternatives and obtain the most efficient reinsurance program. Additionally, we have the expertise to help our clients maximize results, manage their portfolios, develop new products, identify valuable opportunities in new lines and territories, manage rating agency and regulatory relationships, and expand their producer network into new geographic regions.

    Mutual insurance companies are encountering a more competitive marketplace as they work to improve results while at that the same time seeking to expand their businesses. In an evolving market, Guy Carpenter is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the strategic advice they need to reach their full growth and profit potential. Our product offering for mutual insurance companies ranges from our Regional Account Program (RAP) and Umbrella and Property Facultative Facilities to unique tools such as “Point-of-Sale,” BenchmaRQ®, Market Entry, and Rating Agency Advisory.

    To learn more about Guy Carpenter’s hands-on, collaborative approach to helping mutual companies, please contact:

    • David Domino
      President, US Segments
      P: +1.215.864.3760 | M: +1.917.693.1199
      E: David.Domino
    • Scott Rubenstein
      Managing Director
      P: +1.215.864.3812 | M: +1.215.880.0506
      E: Scott.Rubenstein
    • Jay Woods
      Managing Director
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3357 | M: +1.917.601.9857
      E: Jay.Woods
  • Professional & Management Liability

    Guy Carpenter’s Professional & Management Liability Specialty team is helping clients achieve profitable growth in a crowded marketplace – and new growth in evolving areas like cyber insurance.

    Guy Carpenter’s institutional leadership in critical disciplines – analytics, business intelligence, technology and cyber risk – helps our clients innovate in increasingly competitive markets. A deeper, more comprehensive view of market dynamics helps Guy Carpenter clients gain competitive advantage in D&O, E&O, cyber, and whole account solutions. Business-specific actuarial models and access to the industry’s leading database of loss and rating information enable more confident portfolio analysis in a dynamic environment.

    By way of example, our LEAD® Public Directors & Officers liability model is the best available and helps clients with both risk selection and portfolio management.

    A dedicated team within our practice can help you assess exposures in cyber security and privacy breaches. As no other organization, Guy Carpenter understands the Cloud’s risks for insureds – and its opportunities for carriers.

    To learn more about how Guy Carpenter can help you build competitive advantage, please contact:

    • Christopher Ross
      U.S. Specialty Leader
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3242
      E: Christopher.M.Ross
    • Carolyn Morley
      Managing Director
      London/International Professional Liability
      P: +44.20.7357.2733
      E: Carolyn.Morley
    • Jonathan Greaker
      Errors & Omissions
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3197
      E: Jonathan.Greaker
  • Property

    The Property Center of Excellence focuses Guy Carpenter’s global resources and knowledge base coupled with local property expertise to deliver superior results for our clients.

    The Property team integrates risk management and advisory services across the full range of risk transfer solutions, including insurance-linked securities, collateralized solutions and index products as well as traditional reinsurance placements. In-market teams in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific tailor innovative local solutions, drawing on industry-leading business intelligence and quantitative modeling tools. Guy Carpenter’s ability to analyze the enormous volume of property transactions around the world is a business advantage for our clients wherever they choose to do business.

    Guy Carpenter’s deep technical expertise assists clients with benchmarking, peer analysis, structuring, pricing, model variance analysis, portfolio management and tool development.

    Guy Carpenter clients benefit from the industry’s most advanced market assessment process and specialized expertise in critical disciplines, including industrial risk, commercial risk, excess and surplus lines, direct and facultative reinsurance, and residential exposures. We are also the world’s leading government pools intermediary, applying this global expertise to directly benefit our government pools clients as well as quantifying the impact these entities can have on the broader marketplace.

    To learn how we can help you achieve profitable growth in key classes of business in virtually any market, please contact:

    • Lara Mowery
      Head of Global Property Specialty
      P: +1.952.832.2104
      E: Lara.A.Mowery
    • Rhandahl Fuller
      Senior Broker
      P: +1.312.3452609
      E: Rhandahl.Fuller
    • Charles Whitmore
      Senior Vice President
      P: +44.20.7357.3134
      E: Charles.Whitmore
    • Stella Geng
      Senior Vice President
      Asia Pacific
      P: +852.2582.3580
      E: Stella.Geng
    • Andrew Smith
      Senior Broker
      Asia Pacific
      P: +61.4.1092.5661
    • Property COE
  • Public Sector

    Guy Carpenter’s Public Sector Center of Excellence is a global unit focused exclusively on the unique risk management needs of government entities.

    The Practice was created to address the issue of unfunded liabilities by delivering reinsurance and capital market solutions and supporting risk analytics that focus on this gap for governments and other public entities.

    Guy Carpenter’s broad global experience makes it uniquely positioned to help governments and other public entities find innovative solutions to unfunded liabilities. Guy Carpenter has the expertise and tools to identify, quantify and help predict the magnitude of risk different parties take whether they are reinsurers, consumers, governments or the financial markets.

    • Jake Clark
      Specialty Leader
      New York
      P: +
      E: Jonathan.Clark
    • Christopher Sykes
      P: +
      E: Christopher.Sykes
    • John Tedeschi
      P: +973.285.7982
      E: John.Tedesch
    • Syzan Talo
      P: +1.416.349.3994
      E: Syzan.Talo
    • Ruth Lux
      Head of Public Sector - EMEA
      P: +44.207.357.3756
    • Charles Whitmore
    • Michael Schwarz
      Hong Kong
      Head of Public Sector – Asia Pacific
    • Alfredo Honsberg 
      Mexico City
      E: Alfredo.Honsberg
  • Retrocessional

    Guy Carpenter’s Retrocessional Specialty helps insurance and reinsurance companies to manage accumulated exposures with innovative solutions. Our focus is to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives by maximizing the efficiency of their reinsurance structures.

    Our embedded intelligence capability provides a 360º view of markets, product structures, benchmarking and pricing dynamics. Actuaries and catastrophe modelers work within the reinsurance broking team, utilizing one-of-a-kind software tools that integrate risk and capital modeling – concentrating expertise for our clients and accelerating reaction time.

    The ability to model complex deals quickly helps Guy Carpenter clients evaluate multi-class, aggregate coverage and other bespoke structures with confidence.

    To learn more about how our innovations can deliver new capacity at better prices, please contact: 

    • James Boyce
      CEO Global Specialties
      P: +44.20.7357.2631
      E: James.Boyce
    • Barry Law
      Head of ILW Practice
      P: +44.207.357.1000
      E: Barry.Law
    • Richard Morgan
      Head of Non-Marine Specialties
      P: +44.20.7357.2346
      E: Richard.Morgan
    • John Fletcher
      Chairman of Bermuda operations
      E: John.E.Fletcher
    • Andrew MacKinnon
      Managing Director
      E: Andrew.MacKinnon
    • John Ogilvie
      Head of Retrocession
      E: Jonathan.Ogilvie
    • Kevin Fisher
      Chairman, GC UK and Global Specialties
      E: Kevin.Fisher
    • Colin Kiddie
      Chairman – Global Specialty
      E: Colin.Kiddie
  • Structured Solutions

    Guy Carpenter’s Structured Solutions Specialty team has the technical expertise to deliver unique solutions – and the sophistication to optimize their value on your balance sheet.

    New financial instruments have expanded the toolkit for innovative risk transfer solutions. The team analyzes risk, structures/designs transactions and quantifies the impact of the solution on your company’s financial statements and capital models such as the AM Best BCAR model and the NAIC RBC model. The modeling we perform helps you determine the optimal solution to achieve your financial motivation and remain within your risk tolerance thresholds.

    We help our clients secure optimal terms and conditions on quota shares, stop loss treaties, loss portfolio transfers, adverse development covers, single and multi-year excess of loss covers and a host of other vehicles. The team has designed structured risk contracts to achieve goals including but not limited to capital optimization, reduced uncertainty in insurance underwriting results, mitigation of earnings volatility, company experience based pricing, management of increased retentions, addressing changes/gaps in underlying reinsurance, providing reserve protection, and achievement of capital and rating agency objectives. The team coalesces the combined resources of Guy Carpenter to provide the best advice and solutions. For example, we work with our rating agency advisory group to ensure that every transaction meets the particular challenge at hand and long-term capital goals.

    To learn more about how we can help you optimize success in a dynamic financial and regulatory environment, please contact:

    • Michelle Harnick, FCAS
      Specialty Leader
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3125
      E: Michelle.L.Harnick
    • Priyantha L. Perera, Ph.D., ASA
      Senior Vice President
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3254
      E: Priyantha.L.Perera
  • Surety & Fidelity

    Guy Carpenter’s Surety team can help you see more deeply into the drivers of profitability and risk in your portfolio to improve performance.

    Uniquely among intermediaries, our broking team has extensive underwriting experience at both the primary and reinsurance levels of the business: A better understanding of our clients’ business goals enables us to engineer solutions that are strategic as well as cost-efficient. We provide our clients with timely analysis of economic trends operating in the surety industry, exhaustive market intelligence, and peer comparison studies that help them navigate a dynamic environment.

    Actuaries who specialize in surety full time and utilize proprietary  exposure modeling tools to help Guy Carpenter clients identify risk, manage capital and maximize profitability. Our actuaries work directly with  brokers to design innovative  solutions to help clients execute their business plan.

    To learn more about what the world’s leading surety team can do for your portfolio, please contact:

    • Ken Farricker
      Speciality Leader
      P: +1.973.285.7903
      E: Kenneth.M.Farricker
    • Michael R. Parker
      Managing Director
      P: +1.347.237.0575
      E: Michael.Parker
    • Vimal Patel
      Managing Director
      New York
      P: +1.214.303.8203
      E: Vimal.Patel
    • Abby Mumtaz
      Senior Vice President
      P: +1.973.285.7949
      E: Abby Mumtaz
    • Ric Rosario
      Vice President
      San Francisco
      P: +1.415.984.2826
      E: Ricardo.Rosario
  • Terrorism

    Guy Carpenter’s Terrorism Specialty practice helps clients stay ahead in an arena where the risks mutate and coverage solutions often cross lines of business.

    Guy Carpenter offers the industry’s most advanced web-based platform to help clients quantify and manage their terrorism risks. Thematically shaded maps and satellite imagery, along with easy-to-understand reports provide detailed accumulation information within a user-defined geographic range, including:

    Cluster accumulation: total exposures within geographic areas

    Portfolio accumulation: top portfolio accumulations at different radii from an event

    Terror accumulations: portfolio terror for all targets by total exposure and zone

    Terror target by zone accumulation for global portfolios, using target data from Exclusive Analysis, RMS and Guy Carpenter compiled databases.

    The terror practice draws on expertise from Guy Carpenter specialists in property, workers compensation, accident and health, cyber risk and others as needed to tailor comprehensive terror and political violence solutions for our clients. In the United States, we are helping clients structure and secure the largest amount of available terrorism reinsurance capacity to help withstand any potential changes to TRIPRA (Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act).

    To learn more about evolving terror and political violence risks and state-of-the-art solutions, please contact:

    • Emil Metropoulos
      Senior Vice President
      P: +
      E: Emil.Metropoulos
    • Ellie Rieder
      Managing Director
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3237
      E: Ellen.Rieder
    • Edward Sweeney
      Managing Director
      New York
      P: +1.917.937.3130
      E: Edward.A.Sweeney
  • Workers Compensation

    Guy Carpenter’s Workers Compensation Specialty practice makes data more useful to help clients fine-tune underwriting and portfolio management decisions.

    Guy Carpenter aggregates data from every significant market, providing clients with current conditions, market dynamics and pricing trends to inform capital strategies, structures and placement. We place pro-rata/surplus relief, working and catastrophe layer reinsurance, and continuously develop new capacity and one-of-a-kind solutions for our clients. Sophisticated analytics benchmark the performance of traditional and alternative capital structures. We also assist clients with workers compensation-related information technology needs and claims/underwriting audits.

    Advanced modeling and quantitative tools make it easier for Guy Carpenter clients to implement comprehensive accumulation management strategies. Our web-based risk management platform integrates data management and risk modeling. Sophisticated analyses, spatial technology and satellite imagery enable clients to instantly convert massive amounts of data into actionable information to make the better-informed portfolio decisions from binding a risk to identifying possible claims.

    To learn how our global reach and world-class analytics can help you achieve more profitable growth, please contact:

    • Josh Porter
      Executive Vice President
      P: +1.215.309.4541
      E: Josh.Porter
    • Chuck Furlong
      Executive Vice President
      P: +1.212.510.1813
      E: Chuck.Furlong
    • Emil Metropoulos
      Workers Compensation & Terrorism Specialty Practice Leader
      P: +
      E: Emil.Metropoulos
    • Hal Collins
      Senior Vice President
      P: +1.206.621.2478
      E: Hal.Collins

Featured Segment: Regional Mutual Team

Having collaborated with regional and mutual companies for the past century, we know how to support and navigate your specific issues to differentiate you in the reinsurance marketplace. We help you manage capital, volatility and growth to improve your overall business performance.

GC Securities*: One source for capital in all its forms

Guy Carpenter reinsurance brokerage teams work seamlessly with GC Securities to provide our clients with an expanding range of capital solutions, including:

  • Insurance-linked securities
  • Collateralized reinsurance vehicles
  • Sidecar strategies
  • Catastrophe bonds
  • Derivatives
  • Debt and equity issuance
  • Surplus note issuance
  • Mergers, acquisitions & divestitures

Together with our Analytics colleagues, we model, design, and deliver the best, integrated capital solution for each client.
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