Guy Carpenter’s Ryan Keith Joins Podcast on Gene and Cell Therapy

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Gene and cell therapies provide amazing benefits to patients but at a high cost to payers and the healthcare industry as a whole. Guy Carpenter’s Ryan Keith, Senior Vice President, joins host John Rudoy, Healthcare Director at Marsh McLennan Advantage, along with Marsh McLennan Agency’s Zachary Kornblum, Pharmacy Clinical Director, and Rick Kelly, National Practice Leader, to discuss how the lifesaving possibilities of these therapies can be maximized while mitigating the accompanying risk and cost.

In this episode of the BRINK Healthy Societies Podcast, Ryan suggested that concepts such as state-run pools and public-private partnerships help provide solutions to ensure individuals receive coverage for these treatments despite their medical conditions.

“I am confident that we can take solace in knowing that the industry has overcome similar challenges in the past,” he said. “We should strive as an industry to find solutions that allow gene and cell therapies to be delivered to all individuals, and that we do so in a financially sustainable approach for individuals, employers and payers.”