Reinsurance Pricing: Guy Carpenter’s Continental Europe Rate on Line Index

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This article from Artemis notes how property catastrophe reinsurance rates on line in Continental Europe rose strongly for the second consecutive year at the January 1, 2023 renewal season. The data is drawn from the Guy Carpenter Continental Europe Rate on Line (ROL) Index.

The article describes how the ROL rose by 30% for 2023, following an increase of almost 23% at the January 2022 renewal period. This represents the biggest single rise in the index since 2001, taking the average ROL back to levels close to those seen in 2007. The 30% increase in the index means it has now jumped 60% in just 2 years, providing a significantly more attractive rate environment in Continental Europe. 

European property cat rates up 60% in two years, highest since 2007: Guy Carpenter