Climate Change Perspectives

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Learn more about the impacts of climate change from Guy Carpenter experts Jessica Turner, Managing Director, Catastrophe Advisory, and Josh Darr, Managing Director, Head of North America Peril Advisory.


2020 Was Tied for the Warmest Year on Record

How has COVID-19 and the associated loss of economic activity affected carbon emissions associated with climate change? It's really about the buildup of these emissions, which have occurred over time.

A Story of Opportunity and Growth

The tangible economic cost of action related to climate change is high, but the cost of inaction is ultimately higher, what scientific advances are being made for climate change risk management? Critical mass of confidence to be able to make those scientific findings actionable. 

What Role Can Corporations and Business Play To Aid in a Green Recovery?

Social and governance aspects are equally important. 

Lessons From COVID-19

What lessons can we take from the COVID-19 experience to globally mobilize a whole-of-society-response? 

The Need for Public/Private Partnerships

We often hear of a public/private partnership to collectively tackle issues as a large and systematic as climate change, what is the current progress and future outlook of this initiative?