Guy Carpenter Sets the Pace on Cyber Thought Leadership

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Guy Carpenter’s global Cyber Center of Excellence is a dedicated team of brokers, product innovators and analytic experts advancing the role of cyber reinsurance and retrocession. Our Cyber team helps position clients for profitable growth.

The team’s forward-looking perspective shined in 2023 with the release of a series of industry thought leadership reports, articles and briefings. These releases delivered actionable insights and advanced the knowledge-base for cyber (re)insurance with the goal of helping stakeholders with more informed decision-making.

Most recently, in Double Whammy? Examining the Correlation Between Major Cyber Events and Broad Market Performance, Guy Carpenter’s cyber experts joined forces with the Marsh McLennan Cyber Risk Intelligence Center team to evaluate extensive industry and academic research to demonstrate the lack of correlation between any observable historical cyber events and stock market performance.

This report complements Under the Lens: Investigating Cyber Vendor Model Divergence, which applies advanced predictive analytics to investigate the key drivers of cyber catastrophe model differences. That study aims to provide a level of comfort to cyber market participants in constructing their own views of exposure accumulation as their book of business expands and evolves. It also follows up on Through the Looking Glass: Interrogating the Key Numbers Behind Today’s Cyber Market, which highlighted the importance of unlocking reinsurance capacity to fuel cyber market growth. Providers of alternative capital by way of insurance-linked securities (ILS) products are key sources of potential additional capacity.

Under the Lens and Through the Looking Glass depend on GC CyberExplorerSM DataLake for the basis of their research. CyberExplorer DataLake goes beyond typical industry exposure databases (IEDs) to encompass extensive aggregated claims information, pricing insights and policy terms, vendor model output, and a wide spectrum of cyber reinsurance transactions for benchmarking. This Guy Carpenter proprietary platform provides timely industry insights, helping clients evaluate cyber market conditions based on relevant, up-to-date information.

The Cyber Center of Excellence also addressed such events as the MOVEit breach and Las Vegas ransomware attacks (Guy Carpenter’s analysis also generated media interest in the firm’s view of the cyberattacks.)

Experts from the Cyber Center of Excellence are also sought-after resources at industry conferences. Recent thought leadership articles published for major conferences include Guy Carpenter's Anthony Cordonnier, Erica Davis on Cyber Events, Equity Performance and Guy Carpenter's Erica Davis and Jess Fung on Empowering Cyber Underwriters.

Guy Carpenter cyber leaders are also in great demand as interview subjects for trade publications. Recent video interviews include Guy Carpenter’s Erica Davis Discusses Cyber Market Conditions, Guy Carpenter’s Siobhan O’Brien and Souki Chahid Discuss the Cyber Market and Guy Carpenter’s Erica Davis Joins Video Interview on Cyber Risk.

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